Originally posted on Seven Spheres:

According to research Alzheimer’s is now to be looked upon as a form of Diabetes of the brain. They are now beginning to classify it as Type III Diabetes.

  • Type I diabetes is a condition in which the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are damaged and do not produce enough or any insulin whatsoever(usually people are born this way and so it is by default called Juvenile Diabetes).
  • Type II diabetes is the condition where the pancreas produces sufficient insulin but the cells of the body have become insensitive to it and do not respond. This condition is usually caused by excessive sugar/starch in the diet of the victims.
  • Type III diabetes/alzheimers then is the condition of insulin insensitivity of the brain. That is, the insulin receptor sites on neurons are not functioning correctly and cannot adsorb glucose properly and so Alzheimer’s is a disease of the energy depletion…

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