The Disturbing Truth About Your Colon & How Colon Cleansing Can Improve and Extend Your Life (pt.1)

Part 1: Who Should Clean Their Colon & Why

“It is an indisputable fact that not only illness and old age but even death itself are due to the accumulation of waste products (within the body)… to the inability of the body to replenish its cellular structures and organs with fresh, vital nutrients.”
Bernard Jensen, D.C.

Digestive tract, rear viewIf you no longer look and feel as good as you did in grade school — with bright eyes, sweet-breath, boundless energy — it’s probably more than your age showing, it’s more than likely a clogged and impacted colon.

For those of you not quite sure what it means to have an impacted colon, I will explain, in unappetizing detail. The average person carries around as much as ten pounds of uneliminated feces in his/her bowels. (When the celebrated actor John Wayne died, his autopsy revealed more than twenty pounds of waste lodged in his colon!) These are the undigested substances, some from your last few meals but more the accumulations from childhood onward, which do not pass out in your regular bowel movements.

Due to the abnormally slow transit time of the bowel when it’s dealing with the processed, or “junk,” foods we eat, a portion of these old feces sits around in sluggish colons, creating mucus (which clogs the entire “pipe system” of the body) and losing moisture until they become pressed together (constipare is Latin for “to press together”): the outcome is hard pellets which are eventually, and often with unnatural effort (which may include straining), eliminated. The portion that does not see the light of day — that which the digestive/eliminative systems simply can not handle — becomes increasingly tough and gluey, finally taking on a rubbery, black appearance and forming a hard shell that sticks permanently to the intestinal walls.

These unwholesome materials may build up in pockets or may coat the entire length of the colon and small intestine. This is the stuff that shouldn’t be there, the life-shortening “glue” that poisons every part of your body, and which requires special techniques to remove. Removing these stubborn incrustations require that these special techniques be coupled with lifestyle changes to be effective. More on that later.

It’s truly astounding how long some of these impacted wastes can linger in the intestines. I once read a story about a war veteran who, after cleaning his colon, rediscovered the bright red berries he had been forced to eat — lest he starves — while trapped on an island during World War II. This man’s colon had hung onto the indigestible berries until he did a colon cleanse more than three decades later! This is not unusual.

The older you are when you have your first cleanse, the more likely you are to be shocked/horrified by what you find floating in your toilet. People over forty tend to discover the worst detritus, ranging from black, tar-like sludge, to impossibly long strands of mucus, to parts of parasites to whole tapeworms! If you add to this the hostile bacteria and carcinogens, which are invisible, the need for cleansing is dramatically apparent.

This is not to say that a twenty-somethings can’t make the same revolting discoveries upon cleansing. That’s why cleansing is an important part of maintaining good health for all adults, especially those whose diet and lifestyle are questionable, regardless of age.

Health authorities now believe that the more common conditions of decay, fermentation, encrustation caused by prolonged transit times (caused, in turn, by unnatural foods, external pollutants, and stressed out psyches) may underlie nearly every ailment known to man. This toxic waste dump inside you is the breeding ground for just about every ugly development, from acne to halitosis to diverticulitis to cancer.

Despised and neglected, today’s typical colonic cesspool, though doing its best to cope, eventually “backs up”, making us ill, unsightly, and old before our time. And like the cesspool close to your home, this bodily cesspool contains high concentrations of harmful bacteria: as wastes ferment in the colon, disease-producing bacteria multiply and form toxins that are released, via the bloodstream and lymphatic system, to every part of your body. Every cell is affected. At the same time, accumulations of mucoid material along the walls of your small intestine (mucus is triggered as a defense against irritation — in this case caused by the awful stuff lingering there) greatly interfere with the absorption of nutrients, even when your diet is excellent. A vicious cycle, this mucus, produced by your well-meaning body as protection, thickens and becomes host to further decay. In the absence of a clean gastrointestinal track, varying degrees of impaired absorption are to be expected. This often includes an inability to absorb nutrients from food and nutritional supplements…. We’ve all heard the Medical Establishment’s dismissal of nutritional supplements as “expensive urine,” not realizing that they may be correct, though for the wrong reasons.

The condition described above is called autointoxication. It happens when your body, no longer able to eliminate toxic waste, actually reabsorbs it! Most of us could not, from the age of ten on up, pass a test for autointoxication. How do you know if you’re suffering from this invisible condition? Unless you can honestly say, “No, not me!” to each of the following symptoms/illnesses, you are, to some degree, autointoxicated or self-poisoned.

  • Flatulence (gas)/Odorous Stools
    Despite what most of us have been led to believe, these are not only gross but unnatural conditions. Daily bowel movements should have little or no odor, like those of breastfed babies.
  • Halitosis/ Body Odor
    Your intestinal toxins are released through different channels.
  • Skin eruptions (acne, pimples, boils, rashes etc.)
    The body is successfully expelling morbid substances through our largest organ of respiration and elimination… the skin.
  • Headaches (of no apparent origin)/ Depression/ Argumentative
    Backup of toxic waste could conceivably affect the entire nervous system, by poisoning the largely uncharted and mysterious realms within your head, bringing pain, bad moods, and a lifetime of restriction.
  • Constipation/ Sluggish Elimination/ Straining
    Bowel stasis is so common among people today that scarcely anyone knows it’s unnatural. Unhealthy stools (mucoid) tend to be sticky and hard, generally reluctant to leave their happy home. Most people are under the mistaken impression that if they have one bowel movement per day, or even every other day, they are “regular.” Not true at all.Truly natural, non-mucoid (moist, not sticky) material moves through the body much more rapidly, ideally producing two to three movements per day. Researchers have noted that people in primitive cultures whose diets are pure, natural and high in indigestible fiber, pass from two to four times as much fecal matter as we in Western countries. Unsurprisingly, these are the people most free of degenerative diseases.
  • Diarrhea
    Ironically, even those with chronic diarrhea are autointoxicated and in desperate need of colon cleansing. One of the primary causes of diarrhea are those irritating encrustations on the colon walls, that cannot be removed by ordinary means. In response, the body steps up its naturally slow and gentle peristaltic pulses, creating forceful spasms which result as diarrhea.
  • Hemorrhoids
    These intensely painful projections are actually varicose veins in the anus. They’re brought on by straining to eliminate sticky, uncooperative stools.
  • Diverticulitis/ Prolapsed Colon/ Collapsed Colon
    To house all its uneliminated waste, the colon wall may develop small pouches or diverticuli, that may become inflamed. Old feces are literally stretching the colon and nearby body structures out of shape. The entire colon may even balloon, resulting in a potbelly that resists all conventional efforts at reduction, or, more seriously, the colon may droop and sag (prolapse) or even fold in upon itself (collapse).A radical procedure of last resort, colostomy involves the severance of the intestine from its non-functioning colon, after which the bowels must empty directly into a disposable bag attached to one’s side.

If you suffer from the most severe symptoms, you should first seek the counsel of a health care practitioner before considering any of the more radical self-help measures we will discuss in Part two of this article. Also, since loosened toxins release directly into a fetus/baby, pregnant or lactating women are advised to put off trying all intestinal cleansing products and procedures until their babies are weaned.

In the meantime, remember you are what you eat, so eat healthily. A healthy, balanced diet is the foundation of any detoxification program and of the happy, balanced life that follows it. Your food should be whole, pure, and unadulterated — mostly raw. Fiber, balanced proteins, unrefined carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, enzymes, and oils — found in whole grains, seeds, fruits, beans, and vegetables. For most people, these foods are easiest to digest and absorb. And because they pass through your system most rapidly, they haven’t time to putrefy. Avoid heavy (mucus-forming) proteins, especially those found in animal products, as they leave much residue in your colon and cause toxic build-up. You’ve heard it before: The ideal diet is “high in fiber, low in fat.” Believe it!

In addition…

  • Reduce (or eliminate) outside toxins, such as sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and preservatives. In numerous ways, about which volumes have been written, these items leech vital nutrients from your body (for example, each cigarette you smoke takes 100mg of vitamin C) and have an unfavorable effect on digestion and elimination.
  • Don’t overeat. Your body can only handle so much; the rest turns into fat and toxins. Chew your food thoroughly, and don’t eat too many different kinds of food at any one meal. Food combining has been around for awhile, and you may want to read up on it.
  • When deciding which foods and substances you will consume, consider the rate at which a food will “go bad” outside of your body as approximate to its rate of decay inside your body. Cooking any food usually increases its “spoilability” as well.
  • Keep drugs and medicines to a minimum. Antibiotics, in particular, upset the balance of favorable intestinal flora, disrupting digestion and elimination and lowering resistance to diseases.
  • Exercise and relax. Lifestyle changes, including regular exercise, alone time, and plenty of rest, provide the mellow, supportive environment in which your improved diet and/or cleansing program can do their work.
  • If you must have processed foods, go for brands like Kashi, Morning Star, and Arrowhead Mills. The shorter the ingredient list, and less chemical-sounding the ingredients the better.

Part Two of this article will explore the methods and products that can be used to cleanse an impacted colon, as well as those that maintain good colonic health.


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