Can Copper Stop Nosebleeds?

woman with bloody noseAs someone who has a long history of nosebleeds, starting in early adolescence, I now have zero doubt that copper can stop nosebleeds. It definitely stopped mine. But, until recently, I didn’t understand the reasons why.  …. This article has been updated and moved to the new Holistic Health & Living blog:


20 thoughts on “Can Copper Stop Nosebleeds?”

  1. I am really bothered by nosebleeds. I started taking copper and zinc 4 aye ago. Had a nosebleed n 5 th day. Does this just mean it was not long enough yet or maybe this won’t work for me?

    1. It definitely has not been long enough. It hasn’t even been a week. If you are still having nosebleeds after 3-4 weeks, then you may consider the possibility that the nutrients are not working for you. I’ve found that, over time, copper and zinc can resolve the problem and prevent future nosebleeds, because they strengthen the arteries and blood vessels and keep them strong. I haven’t had a single nosebleed in so many years I can’t even remember the last time I had one. But your experience may differ from mine. It’s possible your nosebleeds are not being caused by a nutrient deficiency or weak blood vessels.

      If your nosebleeds don’t cease after 4 weeks of supplementing you should tell your healthcare provider and get a diagnosis of the cause. I hope this helped. Take care.

      1. The ENT told me my nose is dry and the vessels rupture. I live in Canada so it’s cold here for months. No blood related illness or any other irregularities. So. It looks like it may be weak vessels? I am really hoping this works. They (nose bleeds) stress me out. Thanks

        1. The problem could be weak blood vessels and dryness as well. If that is the case, using a light, skin nourishing oil like grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil in your nostrils before going out into the cold would be a good idea. You could quickly and cleanly apply the oil with a cotton swab. Hope that helps. Good luck!

        2. Sounds like weak blood vessels could be strengthened then by the copper and zinc? Or. Just the moisturizer. Sorry. Unclear. Thanks

        3. Do you think too many greens can deplete copper? I have green smoothies daily and large salads at lunch. Had a NB this morning and trying to figure all this out. I take 4 mg copper 50 zinc

        4. I have never heard of green veggies depleting copper. It is possible that there is an underlying medical cause for your nosebleeds. Hypertension, congestive heart failure, and hypertensive crisis (Google it) can cause nose bleeds. But it could also be dry air, nose blowing, nose picking, allergies and blood-thinning medications and supplements (vitamin E and St John’s Wort, for example). But getting a diagnosis would be the wisest course of action at this point.
          Good luck! I hope it’s nothing serious.

  2. What strength of copper and zinc did you take and are you still supplementing with them after all this time?

  3. I just found this out regarding my guestion about greesns depleting copper. Greens are high iron, especially spinach. So my having a green smoothie daily plus salad at lunch for a number of years could really have depleted my copper. Copper depletion causes nose bleeds.

  4. When you started on copper and zinc you had nothing for nosebleeds immediately or did it take awhile as in less frequency and less severe each time?

  5. The copper/zinc combo seems to be working for me. Yeah! So thank you so much for the info. Just curious. Do you live somewhere where winters are snowy dry and cold? Curious if this will stand up to our Canada winters.

    1. Hi, Paula. Sorry, it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I saw the notifications today and just realized there were 3 messages 2 from last month. The answer to you question is yes. I live in the Midwest – the United States, so it’s snowy, dry, and cold in late Autumn to the end of Winter here. And I haven’t had a nosebleed in many years now. It’s amazing the difference nutrition can make in our health and well-being. I’m glad the combination is working for you as well. 🙂

      BTW, I tried to find research regarding iron blocking copper and could not find anything. I did, however, update the article and publish it on the new Holistic Health & Living: It’s no longer a question, as you can attest to. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your progress! Take care.

  6. Hi. Winter is upon us. Dryness etc. Been doing pretty good in the Nb department with just occasional dry blood in the nose. Do you experience this?

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