The Disturbing Truth About Your Colon & How Colon Cleansing Can Improve and Extend Your Life (pt.2)

Part 2: A Guide to Internal Cleansing

Intestines drawingTo achieve truly radiant health one must be willing to eat well, think well and cleanse well. This two part series is concerned with the later: internal cleansing. Part one explored the why of internal cleansing, now, we will discuss the how.

Regardless of their ingredients or timetables, internal cleansing programs all have the same goals — removal of hardened, age-old fecal matter, mucus, and other life-sapping materials so vile they sometimes defy description and analysis. But how do you decide which product or program is right for you?

You know your lifestyle and eating habits better than anyone, so only you can judge whether you will require a light cleanse, deep cleanse, or a power cleanse. Let’s assess the options.

“Light,” Short-term Cleanses
Short-term cleanses are perfect for people who eat well (high-fiber, low-fat, no red meat diets), get enough rest and exercise, and have their daily stresses fairly under control. But, even if you don’t fit the profile of an ascetic or you’re nervous about doing a deep cleanse, you can use a “light,” short-term cleansing product or program to jump start a lifelong change in habits.

Ascetic or hedonist, one should make the most of these programs brevity by fasting for the first day or two. There are multiple ways to fast, some more taxing than others. Click on the following link to find out more about fruit and vegetable fasting. It’s one of the most healthy and reasonable ways to fast, if you fear metabolic slow down. Keep in mind, fasting is not always necessary, but it is helpful, especially for beginners who eat fast and/or processed foods.

Below is a list of the various short-term cleansing products, with solid reputations, that can be found in health food stores and online:

  • Atkins 7 Day Cleanse & Renewal Kit
    • It’s low carb, so that Atkins users don’t fall off the wagon. Most who used it said it got the job done, but some — who’d used other products in the past — claimed that it wasn’t as “cleansing” as other products they’d used. This is probably due to its “low-carb” component. Fiber is carbs, plain and simple, just a better quality.
    • The price is definitely right. It’s super cheap wherever you buy it.
  • Super Colon Cleanse (Manufactured by Health Plus Inc.)
    • I have used this one myself and I have to say “Bravo!” It’s a great product. Especially if you are having constipation problems, but you don’t have the energy for a full-on “deep” cleanse. For quick, uncomplicated relief, this is my go-to cleanser.
    • Very inexpensive, more so online — even with shipping added.
  • Enzymatic Therapy Simple Cleanse Whole Body Cleanse
    • Simple Cleanse is described as “designed specifically for the intestinal system, to gently cleanse and refortify the digestive tract.” Whole Body Cleanse is a “digestive, liver and lymph cleanse… that enhances your body’s own natural internal cleansing process for thorough detoxification.” But both contain “True Dispersion Fiber.” Dispersion fiber is said to break down in under 5 minutes. This faster dispersion rate is said to lead to a more thorough cleansing of toxins, giving the user more bang for their buck.
    • Both are very well priced. Simple Cleanse is the cheaper of the two, for obvious reasons, but both are very inexpensive, at least online. The health food stores, where I live anyway, sold the Whole Body Cleanse for 30-40% more than any online merchant I found. And strangely, Simple Cleanse wasn’t priced more than a few dollars less than it’s more encompassing sister cleanse.

  • Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse
  • Promoted as a “detox” which doesn’t require fasting or interference in one’s daily routine. It is a popular cleanse, and considered quite effective for those it was intended for.
  • It’s inexpensive and easy to find in stores and online.
  • Yerba Prima Women’s Renew Internal Cleansing System and Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System
    • Nearly 17 years ago, when these two products were a less sophisticated one — then called Yerba Prima Intestinal Cleansing Program, I tried this product and loved it! It was my very first internal cleansing program. It was a great experience and it made me a life-long user of, and believer in, internal cleansers. Although I have not tried the latest incarnations of the Yerba Prima program, I do not doubt the quality and effectiveness of the brand. Yerba Prima began their research on internal cleansing back in the late 70’s and they’ve been manufacturing the program, in one form or another, since the early 80’s! Individually, the systems are described as: “[able] to neutralize toxins within the body, proper elimination of waste and toxins, and maintaining hormonal balance,” – Women’s Renew Internal Cleansing System; and “Men’s Rebuild Advanced Formula for Men is an improved program designed to help men achieve maximum health and vitality. This is the most complete system available for cleansing, protecting and rebuilding the total body.”
    • Very inexpensive, more so online — even with shipping added.

There are, of course, many, many more internal cleansing products on the market, but these seven are among the more popular with something unique to offer different people.

Long-term, “Deep” Cleanses
If you’re serious about getting rid of the gunk and putrefaction that lives within, this is the way to go. There are only two programs that fit the bill in terms of highly praised effectiveness and length of time necessary to get a truly thorough cleansing:

  • Bowtrol Colon Cleanse
    • Bowtrol benefits are listed as “safely relieve constipation , stop occasional bloating & gas, reduce water retention , break up fecal matter , lose weight , and increase your energy.” There is also free enrollment in a weight management club.
    • Price-wise, Bowtrol falls under the heading “you get what you pay for.” But it’s way cheaper online than at GNC or any other brick and mortar health food outlet. Click on the above link, for details on their “two free bottles” offer.
  • Dr. Natura’s Colonix
    • Has been criticized for its ill effects on the user in the early stages of use, but its final result has been said to be on par with Bowtrol. Its description reads “gently but effectively cleanses the colon of toxic waste, detoxifies the liver and restores regularity while helping you to lose weight and gain more energy and a flatter stomach.”
    • Price-wise, Colonix falls under the same heading as Bowtrol: Expensive.

The main difference between the two programs is form. Bowtrol comes in capsules, Colonix comes in powder. If you, like me, hate powder cleanses get the Bowtrol. If you, like many others, have difficulty swallowing pills, get Colonix. By all reports, they both do an excellent job, and a deep cleanse needs to be comfortable enough for you to use every single day for the duration of the cleanse. However, you will find that both programs are easier to manage, as far as the physical discomfort, if you take probiotics. More on that later.

Power Cleanse
What is a Power Cleanse? A long-term, “deep” cleanse + colonics.

For those not in the know, colonics are enemas done with water under pressure and administered by a professional (make sure of that!) who regulates water pressure.

Many people believe that colonics are a quick, easy alternative to internal cleansing, not true. Colonics can only cleanse the lower portion of the large intestines. To get your entire intestinal system clean you must use an internal cleanser. The use of both a long-term “deep” cleansing program, like those mentioned above, in concert with colonics can pretty much guarantee a gunk-free, parasite-free colon.

The practice of colonic irrigation dates back to 1500 B.C., and today, colonics centers are pretty much everywhere. If your town doesn’t have one, you can bet there’s one the next town over. Fortunately, they’re usually located inside a medical clinic, because if a colonics treatment goes bad — an extremely rare occurrence — it can demand immediate medical intervention. To be on the safe side, there are a few questions you should always ask, before allowing anyone to perform this procedure on you.

The questions are as follows:

  • What did the technician’s training entail?
  • How long has the technician been performing the procedure?
  • How many people have they treated, in that time?
  • Have there been any “incidents”?
  • What kind of water will they be using?
    • Colonics wash away the lactobacteria (friendly flora) which are needed to keep the coliform (unfriendly) bacteria under control, make sure your technician uses distilled rather than chlorinated/fluorinated tap water (deadly to friendly bugs).

As I said before, colonics are actually very safe. The true purpose of the questions regarding the technicians experience is to let them know that you expect a highly professional experience. You don’t want a first time tech “learning the ropes” at your expense. Let them practice on their teacher.

Be sure to follow up the procedure with acidophilus supplementation to resupply what has been lost. Bowtrol Probiotic, Nutrition Now’s PB-8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus, New Chapter’s Probiotic E and Selenium, Schiff Milk Free Acidophilus Longest Living Acidophilus Plus are all excellent products.

As I stated earlier, it’s important to take probiotics while doing a deep cleanse, for gastrointestinal comfort alone, but it will also assist the cleanse by increasing the lactobacteria which erodes the coliform, giving your immune system a very helpful boost.

In Summary

The documented benefits of a colon cleanse includes a reduction in pathogenic colonic bacteria, a significant increase in absorption of protein, water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C), and other nutrients, along with the expected decrease in putrefaction of undigested protein. Other benefits, for some, are weight loss, increased strength, disappearance of headaches, backaches, insomnia, depression and mental dullness — an overall surge in well-being!

Exchanging one’s bad habits for healthier ones is never easy, but well worth the effort. Internal cleansing can be an excellent start to better eating and lifestyle habits, if you can maintain the discipline of your chosen program. No matter which program you choose to follow, keep in mind that while the process may seem arduous and, initially, lonely, the reward is nothing less than life itself!


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