The Myth About Control ~ Who Controls What?

By Camille Strate

It Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesigndoesn’t really matter where you grew up or how you were schooled. It’s likely you were told, over and over, that the world “is what it is” and your job was to find a way to fit in, do something productive, and take what you got. Or maybe, if you’re one of the “luckier” ones, you were told that with a little hard work, the world could be yours. But, without question, unless you were born a Hilton or a Rockefeller, you had to do your part. No free ride. No Easy Street.

So there we were in all our naive glory, enthusiastic and ready to do whatever it took to live the dream. We were armed with an education and a sense of determination. Maybe we even had a hand up because we “knew” someone. We got our degrees (or not!) and set out into the world to make our mark. And then…

What “they” call “reality” sets in. That college education doesn’t necessarily get you the job. And if it does, it’s not what you thought. Or the pay sucks. Or the hours are horrendous. Or…you find out pretty quickly that this whole idea of the American Dream is just something that applied to the immigrants from the early 20th century. Not so much anymore.

Pretty soon, you’re at the shrink’s office once a week, wondering why you’re so depressed, digging through old tapes to find the cause of your anxiety. You’ve got enough drugs to kill an elephant, but still you’re in utter despair. Why am I so unhappy? What’s wrong with ME? You wander through your day, like the good little robot you were trained to be, hoping against hope that “one day” it will all change.

And then…

You wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, your heart palpitating, and your mind a blur of thoughts that won’t clear. You have no idea what’s just happened or why you’ve woken up in such a state…but you know, somehow, it’s big. REALLY big. So you get out of bed and splash water on your face. You go sit by a window and you try to remember what it was that woke you up. You sit there, waiting for your heart to resume it’s normal operating procedure…and get your breathing back to some semblance of regularity.

And then…

It hits you. That thing that woke you up so furiously was YOU. It was YOU talking to you. It was that beautiful, unlimited Spirit that IS you, trying to get your attention. Trying to tell you that it’s not futile. Trying to tell you that YOU have the power to create your world. Trying to tell you…HEY! IT’S YOUR WORLD! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

This thought settles in. You suddenly realize you have a giant grin spread across your face. Your breathing has not only ‘normalized’, it’s slowed to the rate of a hibernating bear. You are, in that moment, in a state of bliss. Because…

You get it. You finally see what they’ve been trying to hide from you all along. You see what the Universe holds for you…and you for it. You realize, without a smidgen of a doubt, that YOU ARE the Universe. Without YOU, the Universe wouldn’t be. You are the breath it breathes, the legs it walks on, the eyes it sees with… the thoughts it thinks. It’s YOUR game and you can craft it any way you wish.

This is a truth that most never learn. It’s a truth that has been a truth since we stood upright and began to work cooperatively. We are not merely physical entities with souls. We are souls in physical entities. Get the difference there? These vessels are merely vessels. They’re housing All That Is…right now, as you read, as I write these words.

You ARE the controller of your destiny. You ARE the master of the Universe….YOUR Universe. There is no one else who has any say-so over what happens to you. That is, unless you allow it. Otherwise, it’s ALL YOU. And the moment you can wrap your pretty little head around THAT, is the moment your world will change faster than you can say ‘YES’.


It really is that simple.

Author Resource:-> Camille Strate is a blossoming Being who spends much of her time writing. She also spends an immense amount of time crafting magickal treasures out of wood. When she makes time for it, she rolls around in the grass with her dogs and cat, pretending to be 9 years old. More often than not, she’s got a smile on her face & a whole boat-load of love in her heart. Visiting her website is highly recommended.

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