Men With Yeast Infection – What You Wanted To Know But Dare Not Ask

By By Sarah Tomey
Embarassed manGenerally, yeast infections are found most of the time in women. There is a common inclination for people to be convinced that this is a woman’s issue. They do not know that this could be a man’s problem too. Yes, the masculine gender is not exempted from this type of infections. It is possible to find men with yeastinfection too. This may be rather surprising for you.But it might not be the same reasons why men get yeast infections as compared with women. Also, the areas of the body affected in men may be different from that found in women. However, it is just as unpleasant to get these infections in men as in women.Hence, in order to be rid of this problem, utmost care is required. Most of the time, men with yeast infection generally overlooked their problems since many of them think that yeast infections are most likely to be found only in women. But this is not right. If only they have been more serious about this, they could avoid some problems for themselves.

Many a times, men with yeast infection get infected by their wives due to sexual intercourse. They can get their genitals infected, especially at the end of the penis. Besides sexual contacts, these infections may also be caused by diabetes or some other diseases, even if the men are uncircumcised.

Men who drink too much beer are also known to get infected on their skin and genital organs. Yeast infection can happen because of food consumption, like excessive drinking of alcohol, beer or eating too much sugar, carbohydrates, or yeast products, such as bread and cakes.

The symptoms of yeast infection in men are generally obvious from 12 hours to 5 days after getting infected. The symptoms are quite similar to those seen in women – burning sensations, rash formation and itching at the skin folds or genital parts.

Good hygiene should be observed by men with yeast infection. They need to take a bath at a minimum of 2-3 times a day. Artificial deodorants should be avoided. Instead use talcum powder or some antiseptic powders in order to avoid sweating and moisture accumulation. You may also utilize fungal antiseptic creams. Men with yeast infection are advised to avoid sexual intercourse, at least during their treatment period.

What can men with yeast infection do to get rid of their problem? As these are the safest and least allergy causing methods, they can use natural home made remedies in order to get rid of their infections. They are also rather inexpensive and are amazingly effective.

How can you tell if you are getting this infection? My grandmother told me about a method where you spit two times into a glass containing water before you brush your teeth in the morning. Then spit two times again into the same glass of water. After that, check to see if your saliva has dissolved in the water or not. If it dissolves, then you most likely do not have the yeast infection. However, if it becomes cloudy and does not dissolve in the water, then you could be having it. Interesting! Maybe men with yeast infection should try this out.

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