Binaural Sleep Meditation – What It Is And How It Works

By George Colle

EarphonesWhat is Binaural Sleep Meditation?

Simply put: binaural sleep meditation is the term that is used to describe the technique that uses binaural beats to help you obtain a relaxing and deep restful sleep. Research has shown that binaural beats will greatly increase the chances of binaural sleep meditation changing our brainwaves into an extremely relaxed state and allowing us to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

How can Binaural Beats be Used for Binaural Sleep Meditation?

These beats use a sound track of very relaxing and calming music that you need to listen to using a set of stereo headphones. The relaxation music has two distinct frequencies embedded in the sound track that are used to stimulate the brain which allows it to create its own frequency using the two imbedded frequencies. This new frequency enables the brain to relax and achieve the state required for binaural sleep meditation.

In more scientific terms, binaural beats are the result of two distinct sound frequencies experienced by the listener, one frequency for each ear. Research and studies have confirmed that different frequencies affect the sub cortical auditory system of the brain which will cause a deep state of peace and relaxation.

What are the Additional Benefits of Binaural Sleep Meditation?

Using binaural sleep meditation will immeasurably elevate the quality and quantity of your sleep. It also has several other affiliated benefits. This list will give you some idea of positive effects binaural beats can have on the mind:

  1. Have a restful nights sleep every night.
  2. Acquire more energy during the day.
  3. Possess deeper levels of concentration.
  4. Say goodbye to broken unproductive sleep.
  5. Obtain increased mental clarity.
  6. Develop the capacity to be calm at all times.
  7. Drastically improve memory.
  8. Heighten your creativity.
  9. Get more connected with your spiritual self.

And more importantly, if you use binaural sleep meditation, university studies have shown that you will experience increased states of relaxation within just a few minutes of the binaural beat music being played on your headphones.

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