Secrets to Getting Washboard Abs


By Chris McCombs

Woman doing abdominal exercisesWashboard abs is the dream of every men and women. This article will help you realize that seemingly impossible dream. Diet rich in cholesterol-there goes the dreamy washboard abs. For flat abs low fat diet is an absolute necessity. If you wish to have washboard abs keep your body fat under control. It is easier said than done. It requires a lot of control and practice.

People aiming for washboard abs should realize that crunch is not the only way to get washboard abs. Typically, people try to do more crunches as a way to get flat abs. But there is a smarter way to get washboard abs. Proper mixture of right kind of exercises will help you get washboard abs.

To get washboard abs do not just rely on crunch alone. Following exercises will help you get flat abs.

Crunch: Crunch is an effective abdominal workout. For better results from crunch, lie down on your back. Place your left foot on your right knee. In this posture lift your shoulders up and try to touch the left knee with your right elbow. Repeat this for the opposite side as well. You can also do this crunch having an exercise ball by the side. That would give better results.

Reverse Crunch: This exercise is the opposite of crunching. In this lower muscles of the abs are tuned. To do this, lie down on your back. Keep your hands on your side. Bend your knees by 90 degrees. Make sure that your upper thighs are perpendicular to your body. In this posture lift your hips and legs off the floor using your abs. This is a risky exercise. So take care and do this very slowly. Nevertheless this exercise is a very effective one and do ensure that this finds a place in your workout chart.

Bicycle: By bicycle exercise we mean twisting and extending your legs alternately. This slow and steady rapidly changing leg movement causes the abdominal muscle to contract thereby helping you get washboard abs. To this bicycle exercise, lie down on your back. Place your hands at the back of your head. Lift your left knee up. And slowly twisting your torso try to touch the left knee with right elbow. Next, while slowly moving down the left leg lift the right knee up. This time, twisting the torso in the opposite direction, try to touch the right knee with left elbow. Repeat this alternately. Do this as many times as possible. Doing this very slowly makes it very effective.

Hanging Knee Lift: This exercise should be done as slowly as possible. During this exercise the upper body should be stable and hip joints should not move at all. Keeping legs, hips and knees straight and stable lift your pelvis, legs and knees all together towards the chest. You may need an overhead pull up bar to do this exercise.

The above exercises, if done regularly, along with low fat diet will help you get the washboard abs that you are dreaming.

About Chris McCombs
Chris McCombs is a professional Hollywood Personal Trainer in Southern California. Chris and his team are helping residents all over Southern California lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives. Find out more by visiting


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