The Joy In Soy?


English: Soy milk in Beijing, China
English: Soy milk in Beijing, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Connie Baum

There is great emphasis today on soy and the foodstuffs that contain the soy bean. Truthfully, I shudder to think I ever ate soy products.

Macrobiotics enthusiasts claim that tofu is good for you. The Japanese have used tofu for a long time; I feel certain it has not harmed them because it is not tainted in any way. Edamame-raw soybeans-are also touted on popular television cooking shows. Today, in the USA, I tend to lean on the evidence that soy products and soy as a food source are all about marketing and profiteering. Does soy provide health benefits? Not so much.

Here’s the thing: Most baby formulas now contain soy. The reason that is cause for alarm is that these formulas contain a caustic chemical called hexane. Hexane is not good for babies! If the label on the formula indicates the formula is organic, it does not contain hexane. But it is still a soy product. Babies who receive soy-based formulas are getting a daily dose of estrogen that is equivalent to FIVE birth control pills, according to some experts.

Nearly all soy products from soy milk and tofu to energy bars and burritos are made with genetically modified soy. This is downright frightening to me, for there is no way to know the extent of the damage it is doing and will continue to do to our DNA. Soy is loaded with ANTI-nutrients. Those are called phytates and their job is to block the uptake of essential minerals. SIDEBAR: Have you ever seen a herd of cattle that were not getting mineral supplements? They are likely to be difficult to manage, ornery to one another, and disease prone. END SIDEBAR.

Another bothersome fact about soy is that soy formulas contain table sugar and corn syrup in place of the lactose human milk supplies. And we wonder why overweight is an issue for the population? All this sugar can adversely affect mental development and acuity. In the long term, Alzheimer’s can be observed.

People tend to be skittish about cholesterol. Someone in my sphere of influence took cholesterol lowering drugs, to his detriment. A middle aged man, he has lost all the muscles in his legs; he had to resort to the use of a wheelchair. Soy lacks cholesterol, which is necessary for making the sheath that surrounds nerve fibers. Without cholesterol it is impossible for nerves to carry information from the brain to the body.

We have seen quite a list of reasons to shy away from soy, but here is the kicker: Soy has the properties to impair thyroid function. This affects skin, hair, nails, weight, metabolism and sex organs adversely.

Can we all agree that soy is better used for alternative fuel than for a food source? I think we can, particularly when we consider baby formulas and the soy industry.

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Connie Baum retired from a successful career as a massage therapist and fell in love with the internet. Her passion for people, food, health and healing is revealed on her websites: and She dearly hopes her visitors will leave comments on the blogs when they visit.

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