Caffeine Addiction: Finding A Replacement For Your Fix

By Timothy Aaron Whiston

Cup of coffeeCaffeine addiction can be overcome more easily when you find something to replace your obsession. This article will help you identify ways to quit caffeine more easily by filling the void.

We drink caffeine for many reasons. Many of us like the rush of adrenaline it gives us. Some of us even like the taste. In many cases, we just keep drinking whether we want to or not because we are addicted.

Any habit becomes comfortable after a while. Caffeine addiction actually starts to play an important role in our daily lives.

We find comfort in having our coffee, tea, or energy drinks at the same time and in the same place day after day. This ritual becomes a normal part of every day.

Before we can break away completely, we must have a replacement lined up to fill the inevitable void.

For some people, it’s important to replace the physical act of drinking an energizing beverage. In this case there are a variety of herbs that will give you a healthy lift and allow you to go through the motions of having your hot or cold beverage on time each day.

Other individuals can replace their daily caffeine regimen with an exercise program. Physical exercise like walking or stretching elevates the heart rate and releases adrenaline and endorphins into the blood stream. Adding a light session to your day at the time when you previously relied on a dose of caffeine is a very progressive, healthy replacement measure.

Perhaps the simplest form of replacement is conversation. It’s very helpful to talk about the way you feel when you are missing your daily caffeine.

Get your feelings out in the open and address them. Keeping your cravings and disappointments inside is dangerous, and will eventually lead to a relapse. Being open and honest about the fact that you miss your caffeine is a healthy way to meet the challenge at hand head on.

The key is not to simply refrain from drinking caffeine, but to find a new way to spend your time and energy. Many addiction therapists say the chemical use is a symptom, not the actual problem.

In other words, there may be some emotional or psychological reasons behind our obsessive use of caffeine. This clearly does not mean you are sick or crazy if you get hooked on coffee; it simply means that in order to quit successfully you need to be fully aware of what you are thinking and feeling when you miss your caffeine.

People deal with boredom in different ways. It’s often difficult to sit alone with your thoughts and not occupy your mind or your hands with something idle.

How many times have you found yourself pouring an extra cup of coffee even when you really had no desire for the effects of the caffeine? You may have just wanted something to do.

Many people find this realization discouraging. But getting bummed out will likely lead to your throwing in the towel and getting right back into your regular caffeine use.

Just accept the fact that you need to occupy your mind and your time with new, healthy activities to improve your chances of successfully quitting caffeine for good.

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