Stop Doing Crunches If You Want to Lose Belly Fat

English: Crunches
English: Crunches (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Kya Grace

If there is one myth which has been doing the rounds from time immemorial then it is the one about crunches being the secret behind flat abdomen muscles. You have been doing a hundred crunches regularly but haven’t found any improvement in the shape of your belly. You are bound to get frustrated.

Hold it there. Don’t waste precious energy and time. The crunches will tone the abdomen muscles but the deposits of fat will remain there. In this age of specialization, a systematic plan has to be drawn to lose belly fat.

Some Tips to Lose Belly Fat

    1. Eat right. While it is true that you burn fat and calories by exercising it has to be said that it is easier to lose fat around the belly by consuming lesser calories. Eating the right food, calculating the calorie count in every morsel that goes into the mouth helps. When lesser food is consumed the reserves of fat in the body is used up while exercising. Plan small, healthy and frequent meals. This improves the metabolism of the body and prevents fat deposits.
    2. Sleep right. A regular sleep pattern helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Food consumed well before sleep time digests well and doesn’t settle on the midriff area. When you maintain a pattern and are disciplined about it, it reflects on the body. Sleep helps regulate hormones which are important for proper digestion of food and which also increase our cravings for fatty foods or junk food. Hence a healthy sleep routine is mandatory.
    3. Exercise right. There is no point in doing just crunches when you know that fat deposits already settled on the belly will not go away just like that. It is advisable to get professional help for this. An expert trainer well versed with both diet plans and exercise regimes is the solution for this situation.

Some Things that you should Say ‘No’ to

    1. The so called health foods. The market is loaded with health foods, proclaiming that they are safe and low calorie. The slim fast milk shakes, the low fat desserts, the low fat rice cakes, the protein bars and all other such products are far from healthy. You can easily look up the facts on these products online.
    2. Starving or skipping meals. It’s not going to help in any way. Skipping meals or starvation only leads to slowing down of metabolism. If you starve with an idea that when there is no food there is no fat to settle on the belly, then it amounts to fool hardiness. When there is no food the system slows down or literally stops functioning. Just as crunches don’t work if you want to lose belly fat, so it is with starving or skipping meals.

Apart from the above mentioned tips and guidelines it is also recommended you devise a fitness regime that suits your body. Eating and exercising accordingly is the trick to a flat belly instead of doing mindless crunches.

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