All Natural Cures For Gout: 7 Simple Herbs To Cure Gout

By Chris Randon
English: Severe gout complicated by tophi (exu...
English: Severe gout complicated by tophi (exudate is uric acid crystals) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When considering all natural cures for gout, one of the first things that gout sufferers think about are herbs. Here, you’ll discover 7 simple herbs commonly used as natural cures for gout.

First though, although the title of this post is All Natural Cures For Gout – 7 Herbs To Cure Gout, I should point out that an actual ‘cure’ for gout doesn’t yet exist. However, the condition is absolutely ‘controlable’. And this is what both modern medicine, and natural remedies for gout, are able to do.

So I use the term ‘natural cures for gout’ in the sense that, by taking the right steps, you can get rid of the symptoms of gout, and, help prevent further gout attacks.

The key is to get rid of the symptoms of gout and, at the same time, prevent it returning. And you want to prevent recurring gout because, apart from the great pain and inconvenience, frequent gout attacks can leave you with permanently damaged joints and even kidney problems.

So, when considering herbs as natural home remedies for gout, you have to consider reducing the pain and inflammation, plus, reducing your uric acid levels to prevent future attacks.

Here, I list seven natural herbs that you can use to help eliminate the symptoms of gout, plus, help to prevent recurring gout attacks…

7 Simple Herbs to Cure Gout

Bilberries: these have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce the pain of gout symptoms.

Celery seeds: also have anti-inflammatory properties for inflammation and pain reduction.

Hawthorn: has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Alfalfa: has been shown to neutralize and reduce acid levels. It can be taken in seed, tablet, capsule or liquid extract form.

Juniper: can neutralize your uric acid.

Nettle: contains alkaloids which can neutralize acid too.

Parsley: is a natural diuretic which can help to flush acid out of your system via the urine.

These are, of course, just a very small selection of the natural herbs that can be used to help ‘cure’ gout. But, there are many other issues you need to consider when looking to ‘cure’ your gout: things like dietary and lifestyle changes, your weight, general health, and so on.

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About the Author:
Chris Randon is a nutritionist specialized in human health, and is based in Los Angeles, Carlifornia.


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