Foods That Boost Metabolism: Raise Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast


By Julia Denham

Nuts and vegetablesIf you’re dieting and are still not losing weight, or are losing weight very slowly, the problem may be that you’re not eating enough to boost your metabolism. You need to eat foods that boost metabolism, so that you can lose weight quickly and easily.

Essentially, metabolism is just the rate at which your body burns calories. However, your body is sneaky. If you’re not eating enough, it simply slows down your metabolism, and this is the reason you often feel tired and listless on a diet.

Here’s how to get around this.

Stoke Your Metabolism With Food

Your first step is to eat enough, but don’t touch that donut! Eat proteins like meat, fish, nuts, and beans. Proteins raise your metabolic rate. Don’t fall for the hype surrounding “negative calorie” foods like vegetables. These foods don’t raise your metabolism. You need foods which fire your furnace.

Think of your metabolism as a furnace. When you’re dieting, or as you age, your body turns down and banks the furnace. You can’t stoke your furnace with weeds — stoke it with protein.

Consider Going On A Low-Carb Diet For A Week Or Two

Starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, corn, yams and bread made with refined flour and other refined foods will not boost your metabolism, so consider going on a low-carb diet, with its emphasis on protein for a week or so.

Low-carb diets are difficult to maintain over time. However, switching to a diet which contains more protein for a week is easy, and these foods will boost your metabolism again.

Exercise: Every Step Counts

Unfortunately, when it comes to boosting your metabolism, just changing your diet won’t work. You need to move. Even 20 minutes a day is great. Go for a walk, and you’ll boost your metabolism for the next 24 hours.

So there you have it – the foods that boost your metabolism are proteins, so eat a lean steak, with plenty of vegetables, and go for a walk. Within hours, you’ll feel vital energetic and within days, you’ll start to lose weight again.

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