Natural Health and Fitness: All About Standard of Living – Think It, Breathe It – Be It

By Herve Senni

Woman reading labelThe human body is a very complex machine and in vain will you work the muscles unless you take care of what you eat, how you eat, what you think and how you function in general lines. People have grown used to abusing their bodies in so many ways without even knowing it. Junk food, smoking, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, and still, our body still works. Hence, the approach to exercise and fitness should begin with self-scrutiny could be the first step towards a nicer and healthier body.

There are challenges and controversies about certain programs, and physical training routines do require a bit of determination and good will on your part. Set a positive goal for fitness exercises. Why take up aerobics if you hate it, and don’t try motivating yourself with ‘I must’. It is important to enjoy fitness exercises and feel the well-being increasing progressively.

Search for exercise and fitness solutions at any time you want, but try not to be self-indulging. Motivation and the reason that makes one take up exercise and fitness could be very important for the success of any plan. Chasing good looks could prove unsubstantial on the long run if you miss the deeper purpose of a balanced activity level. Be aware of your body and get informed on what keeps you healthy on the long run. Don’t feed yourself on steroids and powders and get pumped up. Such an approach is totally detrimental for health!

Personal preferences are essential for practicing a sport or fitness exercises.

Be natural in the exercise and fitness approach, and together with a stronger body, you will develop self-awareness. Once you learn the basic principles of healthy nutrition, you will read the product labels every time you go shopping at the supermarket, and you will make the most advantageous choice when it comes to quality. Real fitness with solid physical activity depends on good nutrition for efficiency.

Stretching exercises

From all types of fitness exercises, these are the ones with the most numerous applications of all. Stretching is recommended to healthy individuals, as well as to people who have suffered some physical trauma. Such workouts improve body flexibility while also preventing the accumulation of tension in the muscles.

Resistance training

Resistance training includes fitness exercises performed with the help of free weights or machines. Dumbbell squats, bench presses, lateral raises, forward arm raises, biceps and triceps curls make common examples of fitness exercises performed with gym equipment. Resistance training also includes body weight fitness exercises that require absolutely no equipment at all, being executed by relying on the body weight exclusively.


The most intense and dynamic fitness exercises are found with step and regular aerobics. The cardiovascular stimulation is much higher for step aerobics. Cardio routines can be detrimental for your health if they are not performed correctly, or at least this is what some trainers claim. Things are pretty confusing here because of the misinterpretations that come up.

You can learn the basics from specialists if you join a fitness class or a gym. If you try the home-version of fitness exercises, you could perform them incorrectly or you can make a program choice that does not match your specificity and individuality. Be constant in your training and you’ll make a lot of all routines!

The human body needs eight hours of sleep per night to recover; do your best to rest well. You’ll thus have enough energy to train at the gym, and you’ll feel a lot better at work and in all activities that you handle. We could very well say that exercise and fitness should become a lifestyle for anyone trying to improve existence.

About the Author:
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Note: The content of this article is solely the property and opinion of its author, Herve Senni.


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