Train Your Body To Burn Fat Not Store It

By Gen Wright

three people using exercise ballsIf you have a wider waistline than you would like and are finding it almost impossible to whittle it down again you may be suffering from a common condition known as ‘metabolic syndrome’. This is a chemical imbalance in the body that puts stress on the metabolism which results in the metabolic rate and the rate fuel is burned being reduced.

This syndrome can be triggered by a reduction in glucose in the blood-stream over a period of time such as when carbohydrates are reduced when weight loss attempts are being made. The body slows its processes down requiring less energy to function as it worries that the food shortage is a going to be a long lasting event.

Causing stress to your metabolism is a hidden defeating factor that can cause even a most dedicated person trying to lose fat weight to have the brakes slammed on resulting in little to no success. Many people experience its damage but rarely know or underst6and what it is or what causes metabolic stress.

Some of the damage is that the muscle cells become resistant to the hormone insulin. This causes the body to respond less effectively to insulin that is needed to ‘push’ the remaining glucose that is present in the blood-stream into the cells to be used for energy. When the muscle cells cannot take the sugar it means there will be a higher blood sugar level as well as a higher insulin level which is a recipe for fat storage extraordinaire.

If you should be going ‘on and off’ any type of restrictive food diets (a yo-yo affect) this will make the situation worse as blood sugar levels will rise and fall rapidly putting further stress on the metabolism. You are likely to develop serious health problems if this situation continues and you may already be experiencing signs of physical distress such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and fats, trouble sleeping, fatigue and reduced energy.

If left unchecked, these conditions can lead to heart disease from the damage being inflicted on the cardiovascular (heart/lung) system. The reduction in energy, because of a slowed metabolism and the reduced use of the body’s primary energy source — glucose — means you will have little energy to be active and exercise. So that aspect is working against healthy fat weight loss as well.

Proper exercise such as strength training is exactly what you need to rebuild and increase your metabolism. This would allow you to burn off those additional stored calories which are the cause of your weight problems in a healthy and effective manner.

But you need energy to do that as you need to be able to put some effort into your exercise program to make the changes to your metabolism to re-balance it. You want it to be burning fat and sugar efficiently not storing it.

Proper exercise is critical component of dealing with the symptoms of metabolic syndrome as it boosts metabolism, increases insulin sensitivity and helps rebalance glucose and insulin

Choosing a natural, balanced, healthy diet and ditching the processed food is the next important factor in correcting this situation and coaxing your body to give up its fat stores. Any chemicals in processed foods will continue to throw your body’s hormones ‘out of whack’ while you continue to eat them.

Those two changes – proper exercise and proper nutrition will go a very long way to getting you back on to the fat loss track and getting your slim trim body back. You need to train your body to burn calories properly, even more so as you get older and this is the way to do it.

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Note: The content of this article is solely the property and opinion of its author, Gen Wright
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