Helping a Teething Baby Using Homeopathic Medicine

By Madeleine Innocent

Teething babyA teething baby can be a nightmare to live with. Whilst you may feel very sympathetic, if you’re not getting the rest you need, that sympathy can grow thin.

How can you help both your teething baby and yourself?

If you can deal with the cause, rather than the effect, then your baby and the rest of the family are going to benefit. And the cause of all ailments, is a low immune system.

A new-born doesn’t have an immune system. Their immunity comes from the mothers milk. So bottle fed babies tend to get more ailments. A toddler is beginning to get some immunity practice in.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the immune system. Once that has been given some support and encouragement, then it will take over and do the necessary curing.

But to get that stimulation in the first place, you need to be able to match your child’s unique symptoms, those of the teething phase, and try to match them to a homeopathic medicine.

Once you can do that, then the stimulation is likely yo occur.

So take into consideration all the signs and symptoms that your baby is exhibiting, which are unusual during this growth phase.

One of the most common and most effective homeopathic medicine for any growth phase, including the teething phase, is Calcarea carbonica (Calc carb). But your child’s symptoms need to match at least three of those of the medicine, to achieve good results.

The typical symptoms of Calc carb include:

  • problems during a growth phase, or slow growth (eg teething)
  • craves eggs, especially boiled
  • constipated, but unaffected by it
  • sweats mainly at the hairline or back of the head
  • sweat smells sour
  • easily frightened (e.g. the dark, monsters, animals, heights)
  • can be normally plump or plumpish
  • suffers in the cold or wet

If you can match three strong symptoms of your teething baby’s symptoms, with those in the above list, then you’re likely to have a much more content baby, not to mention other family members.

Author Resource
Written by Madeleine Innocent. Do you want to learn more about natural health, in particular homeopathy? Check out my free ebook An Introduction to Some Common Homeopathic Remedies, by clicking on the website link below. Good Health Naturally twolegsandfour(dot)


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