Herbs for Eczema

By Evelyn Lim
Pau d'arco bark herb
Pau D’arco Bark herb

The immune system, your defense system, against infections and diseases can be boosted with the help of herbs. There are many herbs for eczema problems. They strengthen the immune system and help the liver to work more efficiently. Most people suffering from eczema have weaker general immunity and are more likely to develop warts, herpes, and other viral problems.

Herbs for eczema come from all over the world. Burdock root and the Chinese herb, bupleurum, both cause improvement in your skin. The liver herb, Milk Thistle, is a great help with eczema and liver related problems. Gotu Kola, the Indian plant, usually applied as a salve on cracked or broken skin is also a good healer. The Rudolf Stiftung Hospital in Vienna, Austria uses these herbs as injections and salve to hasten the healing process.

Pau D’arco, called the immunity-enhancing herb, is another herb for eczema. It comes from the bark of a tree in South America. From southern Europe, India and China, licorice roots are also used for eczema relief. Licorice roots help to bring down swelling, cure allergy symptoms, and improve liver function.

Gamma Liolenic Acid (GLA) is very effective at controlling eczema symptoms. Primrose oil, chamomile, and licorice root all contain GLA. GLA is a fatty acid essential to proper body function.

The average daily dose of primrose oil is 2-4 grams and should never be taken on an empty stomach. It can take as much as six months or even more for the results of primrose oil to show up; so it is important to be patient. Across Europe, primrose oil is the preferred way to help with eczema and related problems with skin.

Some other herbs, such as skin and lymph cleansing herbs, may also be of interest because these help clear whatever rashes might have developed and they also help to clear the skin of impurities. A few of these cleansing herbs are burdock, cleavers, nettle, red clover, and yellow dock. In fact, the yellow dock is known as the best option for those who are suffering from eczema.

Herbs that are cleansing to your system are suitable if you have eczema. Here is a recipe for tea based on such herbs. These herbs can be purchased at any health food store close to you or the alternative health food section at your grocery store.

To make this tea: take one part burdock root, one part red clover, one part yellow dock, and mix all them together very well. When the mixture is ready take one teaspoon and add it to one cup of warm or hot water. Stir and enjoy a cup of herbal cleansing tea for eczema.

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Evelyn Lim tests and rates natural eczema treatment methods and products through her online journal. To read on her quest to find an eczema treatment, visit eczemaskintreatment (dot) com.


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