Is Alternative Medicine Helpful For Children?

By Emanuele Allenti

Child taking medicine dropsThere are many diseases and illnesses that children have which are difficult to treat. They are difficult to treat because it may be harder to administer the conventional treatments to a child or they may refuse to take their medication. This is where alternative medications and treatments come into place.

Children easily accept these alternative treatments because they do not associate these treatments with medicine. These treatments are something new and exciting in their eyes. Asthma is one disease in particular that is difficult to treat children for. The children do not enjoy using their puffers or any other type of treatment that is given.

Before you begin choosing the alternative treatment for your children or child, you must remember to keep in mind that these treatments have no scientific research and are not equal to conventional medications. These treatments do work to an extent however.

Acupuncture is a technique where needles are placed into key points of the body. Evidence suggests that these needles release endorphins in the brain, which help reduce pain. Children with asthma who endure this treatment may find it easier to breathe more calmly and relaxed. Hypnosis is a treatment that may give children more self-discipline to continue on with their medicine in a more regular manner.

It has been suggested that stress or anxiety can constrict the airways even more for children or even adults with asthma. Massage helps reduce this stress, therefore making it easier for the child to breath. You can also learn great techniques to do on your own to help control your own breathing patterns. This gives the child confidence that they are in control of their asthma.

There are many other diseases that children have where alternative treatment can be used. Perhaps used with conventional methods as well. Children with serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes may need to take advantage of massage or meditation techniques. Children with life threatening disease are prone to bottle up their stress and this can sometimes make their disease that much worse. By using alternative treatments along side of your doctor prescribed medications can be a great combination! Children with diseases need as much help as they can get.

As a parent a great deal of research and doctor’s opinions are necessary. Depending on what your child has you must research carefully any alternative treatments you are considering. You want to ensure that the treatments will do something for your child and not harm them in any way. You may find with treatments such as acupuncture that your child will be reluctant to try it. That is why research for something that the child will want to participate in. These treatments are more about relaxation and making your child feel like they are in control and not helpless to their illness.

Children are more prone to need alternative treatments because they are more reluctant to follow through with their prescribed medicines. Children are hard to treat, but if they like the treatment, then it becomes that much easier! A great way to make your child excited for their new treatment is to describe it like it is a treat. Get them excited to go. The more excited they are to try something new the more willing they will be to make it part of their weekly or even daily routine.

As a parent, you know that children need to enjoy what they are doing otherwise you will be defeated! Take the advice from this article, but always ensure that you run your ideas past your family doctor just to be safe. Alternative treatments can make all the difference in your child’s health and attitude!

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