Mental Abuse and What You Need to Know About It

By Jane Saeman

couple arguingDoes mental abuse affect people differently? It is often misunderstood as such. An individual that experiences this type of abuse may not realize they are being mistreated at all. It can range from being manipulated to being called derogatory names. This type of mistreatment is often ignored in the law and in a relationship.

However, it could be more damaging than being physically abused. Bruises heal but the harm of the mind could linger for years. It could build up and destroy an individual’s self-esteem or other relationships with friends and family members. An individual may not understand that this is happening to them. Every word or sentence could be building until it is too late to receive the help that is necessary.

Words are dangerous, especially when a person hears the same harmful sentences day in and out. This is the mild form of mental abuse. However, it can be very harmful in future situations such as new relationships, new employment opportunities or even behavior directed towards another individual. Words are damaging and every sentence needs to be thought through carefully.

An individual needs to take control of their own mind before it is warped by negative feedback. These people try to make themselves look better when they put another person down. Recognize this and decide these people will be harmful. Then make a conscious effort to not have anything more to do with this person. If it is someone that a person must work with or a family member then walk away when they start talking negatively.

Mental abuse is often about control. When another person relays negative feedback or is manipulating this could have lasting effects. Manipulation is a powerful tool to make someone believe that they are worthless and cannot do better than the individual they are with.

If an individual is with someone that always blames them for every little thing no matter how asinine it may be this is abuse. Understand that everything that happens in life is not anyone’s fault. Things happen when it is least expected.

Even if a person has been in a horrible relationship and finally found the freedom to leave, it is not too late to seek help and guidance. Everyone goes through negativity at some point in their lives. Seek assistance so this does not control the rest of a potentially great existence.

An excellent method to tell if it is time to leave a mentally abusive individual is when the person feels afraid. Even though as soon as this emotion sets in, it is harder to find the courage to pack the backs and walk out. Friends and family want to help and will be there for an individual that is in need of dire assistance.

It is possible to not know or believe that a person is being abused. Mental mistreatment is hard to recognize. During arguments and fights every person may say something wrong or mean. This does not mean that they are being abused, however, when out of nowhere a person is calling their lover a worthless, no-good you-know-what. This type of behavior should send red flags up.

It is important to understand the warning signs of mental abuse. This could cause lasting effects to every individual that is involved. A person does not need to stay around anyone that is mistreating them. Stand up and take charge of life again. Release the negativity and walk out the front door. The best advice is not to leave a forwarding phone number or address. The abuser will use it.

Author Resource:

Jane Saeman runs a site called along with info on dating and relationship on her blog at at Hot-Firefighters (dot) com/blog2 This site is no longer available.


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