How Hypothyroidism Can Cause Infertility Problems In Your Life

By Dean Caporella

Thyroid gland diagramThe relationship between hypothyroidism and infertility has been clearly established however, in many instances, it can be often overlooked as a cause. Tests can detect the presence of thyroid deficiency and if you suspect a lack of thyroid then you should see your doctor.

What Is Hypothyroidism?

Essentially, hypothyroidism is the lack of hormone production. Fertility is affected when lower than normal levels of the thyroid hormone is produced. This affects ovulation. Prolactin, a hormone which helps a woman’s milk production, is generally produced in elevated quantities due to hypothyroidism resulting in ovulation problems. It’s associated with women who are at a reproductive age or stage of their lives.

It’s important there is a good balance of thyroid hormone production. Why? Too little or too much production causes imbalance which can lead to problems in a number of body functions.

Women should also be aware hypothyroidism can occur at both mild and severe levels. When tested, low levels of the thyroid stimulating hormone will suggest a mild instance of hypothyroidism while at the other end of the scale, high levels, and the case is more severe.

Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

There are a number of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. As indicated early, it is often overlooked as a cause in infertility issues because the symptoms associated with it can also be associated with several other conditions.

Fatigue and weight gain are just two symptoms which are common while other tell tale signs include irritability, quick heart beat, depression, unpredictable menstrual cycles and dry skin. Some people may exhibit just one of the symptoms while others will have a variety of them. In some cases where hypothyroidism has been established, no symptoms at all all were exhibited.


If fertility issues are plaguing you right now and you haven’t considered hypothyroidism and are exhibiting some of the symptoms mentioned then you should see your doctor. Diagnosis can usually be established via a blood test although, some patients may need extra testing.

Different levels of hypothyroidism affects different individuals so treatment levels will vary. In most cases, a hormone pill will be the most likely form of treatment at a level associated with the patients thyroid deficiency. Your doctor will probably re-evaluate treatment several times before a correct level is maintained. Such is the nature of thyroid hormone treatment that correct levels need to be an exact science.

Hypothyroidism and fertility issues have been debated hotly over the years but there is little doubt now there is a strong connection. Remember, it can be easily overlooked because some of it’s symptoms are also associated with other conditions so just for peace of mind, talk to your doctor about it.

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