How To Easily Pick The Symptoms Of Heart Disease

By Susan Dean

Symptoms of heart disease often go undetected because we as a society in general will tend to put up with what we may call heart burn or dizziness or swollen legs and much more without thinking it necessary to go to the doctor. We think these symptoms are nothing and will just go away. And of course they often do go away for a while but then they return. I know from experience with two brothers that they put up with this type of thing for years and years without seeking help until one of them ended up having a major heart attack.

When he was checked out properly at the hospital he was told that he had already had minor attacks but didn’t know it! This also was the case with another brother. So to all you macho men in particular that think nothing will happen to me – get checked out if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms of heart disease. One of my brothers continued ignoring these symptoms and sadly he died of a massive heart attack. This was so unnecessary.

I know many of you may feel that they are just bothering the doctor with minor ailments but really these could be the start to something fatal. It is always better to be cautious than to be ignorant. Even though very healthy active people can have a heart attack it is still more likely to occur in people who are over weight, smoke, are unfit, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and are stressed. This coupled with signs such as chest tightening, dizziness, swollen legs, palpitations, shortening of breath are a major sign of heart problems that definitely should not be ignored. If you are someone like this then you should be taking on some preventative measures before it is too late.

Some of these measures are firstly seeing to your doctor to have some tests done. Seriously consider losing weight by eating healthy at the same time as starting a gentle exercise program that has been approved by your doctor. You must stop smoking!! Just by doing these things you will notice that you will have less symptoms of heart disease to worry about. For the majority of people heart attacks can be prevented or at least delayed substantially if you start looking after your body correctly. It is never too late.

Having a healthy body and mind will also help you to read these symptoms of heart disease much better allowing you to take control of your destiny instead of living as though you were a time bomb ready to go off. Another point to remember is that heart disease does not only affect men but it is highly prevalent in women. So all you women out there take note of what I have just said as it includes you too.

Author Resource:
Susan Dean is a successful webmaster and publisher of heartdiseasesecrets (dot) info/ She provides more heart disease advice, solutions and information at her web site. This website is no longer online.


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