Spirituality Ultimate Peace

By Ivar Rudi

Peace dove stained glassSpirituality is a part of every living human on this planet whether or not you believe in a higher power or a higher purpose. One thing well have is the power to believe in different forms of spirituality which allows us to be free with in our own person.

With in the laws of physics there is a common belief that we live in multiply dimensions whether or not we live in the same common earthly plane or an alternate plane somewhere in time or even on an astral dimension that some of believe we visit during sleep and meditation time.

As time goes on there are many things learned about the mind and how it works, as well as the body and whether or not we have a spirit which leaves the body after the body dies, the have been scientific studies which use a laser beam and a body scale to determine that the soul leaves the body at the time of death. If we all had better understanding of where it is that we came from we would have better answers for life’s ultimate questions.

In conclusion we all have a spirit which is our inner consciousness it’s the part of us no one can take away, the inner voice which tells us right from wrong, but is our spirit the same thing as our soul? Well there are many theories on that as well some people entertain the idea that our bodies, our minds, and our souls are connected yet they are separate dimensions of reality.

When we sleep at night we have dreams which take us to places we have never been. We meet people we have never met before or who we know have passed on. There are vivid memories from these dreams. Understand how the mind works and what connection there is between the places we go when we sleep. We now where are physical bodies are, but what about are spiritual selves maybe that is the form which we take when we go and visit people in our dreams maybe they aren’t even dreams at all. Does anyone really know?

Spirituality is belief systems which we use to understand why were here? Where were going? And where we have been. Depending on your beliefs which will determine the answers to these questions. If you are a believer in a nature religion than you have an open mind and will investigate until you find an answer that satisfies your curiosity, if you’re a Christian than you came from God, and your going back to God when your pass on. It’s as simple as what we believe our faith moves us all in different ways but what is the common factor is that spirituality is faith, the free choice is ours to which spiritual path we decide to travel.

Until science finds a new way to explain existence, or all the powers of the mind all we can do is wait, or pray for an answer, maybe even meditate, or practice some form of spirit contact. Some times I wonder if the movies haven’t advanced more in mental, physical reality than science. Who really knows maybe one day our plants will be able to tell us if they are thirsty through telepathy.

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