Fitness Tips: Easy Way To Lose Fat / Lose Weight

By Chris Chew

weight loss before and afterThere are many things we can do every day to help us lose unwanted body fat and help us slim down or maintain our weight naturally. These actions and activities which will help us gradually but steadily burn fat may seem like common sense to many of us, but do we actually do them? If not, here are reminders on what you can do lose fat quickly through everyday activities.

Just do these things every day and you will be amazed how your fat will just melt away in no time. Make the methods below your daily habit and you will be lean and trim forever.

1) Avoid All Sugary Drinks To Lose Fat Fast

Drink plenty of plain water instead. Do you know that that cube of sugar and milk in your coffee or tea or that can of soda you you have just drank contains a whopping 80 to 150 calories? You will lose 1-2 pounds a month by just abstaining from sugary drinks if you are a regular consumer of such beverages.

2) Eat More Regularly to Burn Fat

By eating smaller meals more often, you are burning fat throughout the day because your digestive system is working all day long. It takes energy to keep digesting food and these energy comes from your fat store. There are many more reasons why eating regularly will help you lose weight. So eat 5-6 small meals a day.

3) Be Active

Because if you are not active and not doing anything, you may just reach out for food. Just like you naturally head for the fridge during a TV commercial or having that hotdog or popcorn with a can of soda with you whenever you are in the movies. Further more, when you are active and moving all the time, you are burning fat in the process.

4) Get Rid Of Junk Food From Your Fridge Will Help You Lose Weight

So that you won’t reach out to these sin food when you are bored or when you are watching TV.

5) Eat Slowly To Lose Weight

During a meal, our brain takes about 20 minutes to signal that we are full. So if you eat too fast, you would have stuffed in a lot of food before your brain can signal to you that your stomach is full.

6) No Brainer Activities To Burn Fat

Walk briskly. It will elevate your heart rate and burn more fats. Walk instead of taking transportation to nearby destinations. Take the stairs and avoid the lifts and escalators. But do remember to walk briskly.

7) Workout With Weights

Workout with weights 3 times a week if you want to know how to sculpt your body and own an attractive and desirable body shape, Don’t let your body shape be the butt of jokes ever again.

If you will incorporate all these healthy lifestyle habits fitness tips into your daily life, you could be dropping as much as 10-15 pounds p times a er year. Now what if you are to include more exercises into your activities? Whoever said that it is difficult to lose weight and keep the fats off permanently apparently does not know what he is talking about.

So if you want to know how to sculpt your body and own an attractive and desirable body shape, Don’t let your body shape be the butt of jokes ever again.

Author Resource:

Chris Chew is a personal trainer and count actors, pageant winners, models and other celebrities as his clients. He runs a fitness school at Personal Trainers and is the author of Lose Fat Build Muscles!


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