Keep Your Liver Healthy With A Liver Cleansing Diet

By Rheza Sulaiman
Human Liver
Human liver

Each day we are exposed to dangerous pollutants that can have a negative effect on our bodies, which includes our liver. Our liver acts like a filter, screening out all the pollutants we face all day long. Your liver can be protected and will benefit from a liver cleansing diet to keep it functioning properly. Keeping your liver healthy helps you to stay in better all around health too.

It is quite important for you to know just what foods are safe for you to eat and which are not. Keeping your liver clean will improve your immune system. When using diets to clean the liver, fasting for a few days can help flush away any existing toxins that are present in the body. Also during this process you will need to drink lots of water and juices and eat plenty of fruits. You will notice the difference from the liver cleansing diet.

After a few days of cleansing the liver your food intake needs to increase. With this type of diet you will need to begin eating better foods. You also need to drink plenty of water while on this diet. There are several foods you must avoid while using this kind of diet.

Begin this diet with foods such as whole grain along with legumes. Then continue on with brown rice and oatmeal, which is good for the digestive system. Beans are high in fiber and aids the liver during the cleansing period. Also foods that are high in fiber are vegetables and fruits and add some vitamins and minerals too.

Make sure the fruits and veggies are very fresh. Omega-3 oils are very good for cleansing the liver which are found in foods like walnuts, flaxseed, and fish. You can even try raw avocado, which is a healthy source of oils.

Just keep in mind that one third of this liver cleansing diet is made up of fruits with vegetables. So make sure they are very fresh when you use them. To keep your health the best that you can will require you to maintain a healthy liver too. Eating healthy foods will certainly do the liver good.

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