Vegetarian Bodybuilding: Can Vegetarians Be Bodybuilders?

By Mike Parker

Body builder Vegetarian bodybuilding has been in existence for a long time. Many bodybuilding greats have done it while being vegetarians. But not many are aware of the fact that vegetarians can be bodybuilders too.

Common people always associate bodybuilding with meat, meat products and meat proteins. Those big muscles need beef, lamb, chicken, pork and fish is what people generally think. So, the concept of vegetarian bodybuilding seems very remote to them.

Vegetarianism has been around for a long time. But it has taken off in a big way in the West only in the recent times. Only now, people are becoming aware of the fact that vegetarianism can be a way of life.

About 10 years ago I was in the UK. A doctor friend of mine from Portugal was amazed that I could live with out meat in my diet. He was sure that my family, all vegetarians were some kind of freaks. He just could not get around the fact meat and meat products were not essential for living.

So, imagine the amount of skepticism that would greet the concept of vegetarian bodybuilding. But contrary to mainstream belief vegetarian bodybuilders have long been there and have been very successful too. There are many myths to vegetarian bodybuilding. The first and foremost myth is that you simply can’t replace the proteins available in meat.

The truth is plant proteins are just as effective. You can safely get all the protein you need through eggs, dairy products and legumes. Protein supplements like whey proteins concentrates will round off all you need for vegetarian bodybuilding.

Another myth is that certain nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B12 is available only in meat. That’s right but nutritional supplements with this nutrients added can effectively supply you what you require for vegetarian bodybuilding. Vegetarians can not grow muscles is another myth that’s not true at all.

Protein supplements like whey and glutamine are great muscle food. Drinking a protein supplement shake immediately after an intense workout helps develop beautiful muscles even for vegetarians. Muscles are not dependant on meat products. It is the proteins they require. Plant and dairy proteins are as effective as meat proteins.

The other myths include vegetarians cannot be healthy. The truth is vegetarians are usually healthier than people who eat meat and meat products, which contain a lot of harmful fats that clog the arteries. Studies and medical research has proved this time and again. So, vegetarian bodybuilding is actually much more healthy way to grow muscles.

Vegetarian bodybuilding is healthy, effective and natural way to grow muscles

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