Anti-Aging Hair Care: The New Frontier

By Rene Graeber

curly haired modelSeeing a beautifully maintained smooth young looking skin in front of the mirror would be a great relief to all women in the world who dread almost the same thing, which is getting old.

Beauty or cosmetic companies, in fact, have earned millions of dollars in offering products that help delay the aging process of the beauty conscious women, which remain the most lucrative market of the cosmetic industry. But imagine sporting a youthful skin under a thinning grey hair. It does not only look odd but really far from the coveted young look.

Age defying products, nowadays, are no longer exclusive to wrinkling skins. Age can be told even with just a glimpse of your hair. It doesn’t have to be in absolute white that a woman can be dreadfully tagged as old. By simply having a lifeless and dull looking hair is already a sign that your crowning glory has truly aged.

Anti-aging hair care is already a popular trend in every woman’s beauty regimen paved by the proliferation of anti-aging hair care products in the market. Hair care formulators are in a continuous race in producing the best age defying shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments and styling products. Anti-aging substances found in skin care products are now being added to hair care products or create hair anti-aging counterpart products such as hair mask which is equivalent to a facial mask.

Part of anti-aging hair care is using products containing sun protection factor (SPFs) substances, which protect our tresses from the harmful rays of the sun and other environmental factors that first became a concern for the skin.

Despite the wide range of hair products containing age defying serums, many still believes that the best anti-aging hair care, just like in maintaining a youthful skin, is good and proper nutrition. Regular physical exercise and an eight-hour sleep would also help to fight visible signs of hair aging.

Anti-aging hair care requires a regular intake of fruits and fresh vegetables, a minimum of five servings a day. Eating foods rich in organic sulfur, which helps promote healthy hair, is advised. This can be found in asparagus, broccoli, garlic, onion, and red pepper.

Another hair growth promoting mineral is silicon, which can be acquired in the body by eating apples, cherries, grapes, oranges, strawberries, carrots, cucumber and green leafy vegetables. Edible oils rich in omega fatty acids can also help maintain your hair’s youthful glow.

Science still has to work double in coming up with more hair care products that would further delay or fight hair aging. The most important thing in the advent of anti-aging hair care is that people recognized that hair does age and needs attention too.

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