Reversing Heart Disease In Six Steps

By Eddie Lamb

a runnerThere are many different forms of heart disease that can afflict us. Some of these include coronary artery disease, heart failure, congestive heart failure, congenital heart disease, etc. Some of these diseases are genetically based and some evolve through lifestyle choices.

Obviously, when a patient hears that he or she has heart problem the news is very traumatic. However, depending upon the form of the disease and whether or not it is genetically or lifestyle created, there may be steps that can be taken in reversing heart disease conditions.

It is also important to note that some medical conditions may have caused the heart to incur permanent damage. A case in point is coronary heart disease which may have precipitated a heart attack. If the heart was deprived of blood flow for any length of time there may have been permanent damage done to that portion of the heart. This type of heart disease cannot be reversed.

However, there are some reversing heart disease methods that can be attained through medicine and some reversal may occur through lifestyle changes. Some of these lifestyle changes include diet, exercise, lowering blood pressure and managing stress.


A significant contributor to the buildup of plaque and fats in the arterial system is through a diet that is constantly high in fat and cholesterol. Therefore, a significant method of reversing heart disease is to adhere to a diet that is low in fat and cholesterol.

This reversal in your dietary bad habits will help to reduce cholesterol and fat buildup within the arteries and aid in reversing the ailment. In consultation with your physician, appropriate menus can be obtained and followed.


Sometimes, another factor that contributes to the disease of the heart is the lack of exercise. Again, in consultation with your doctor, a recommended exercise program can be followed that will help to simulate the cardiovascular system.

An added benefit of regular exercise is the reduction levels of cholesterol and the maintaining of the patients weight. Both of these factors are critical in reversing the condition.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is another major contributor to heart disease. Through exercise, managing your weight, controlling stress and through prescribed medications hypertension can be controlled. By controlling your blood pressure, less stress is placed upon the heart and other organs of the body.


Stress is a common experience that is shared by most modern day individuals. Giving in to stress takes a tremendous toll upon the human body. Stress can cause an increase in blood pressure which in turn causes the heart to work harder than it should.

Therefore, the question is not so much on how to avoid stress, but how to handle stress. Relieving stress can be an important strategy in reversing heart disease. Ways to a deal with stress or decrease stress in our lives can be accomplished through an exercise program, the use of meditation, the practicing of yoga or other meditative exercises or procedures. The continual practice of some or all of these methods can help keep stress in its proper perspective.

About the Author:

Eddie Lamb provides an abundance of vital information on a range of health topics. We believe a better understanding of your disorder can help reduce unnecessary anxiety. You’ll find a host of useful articles all about heart disease listed on our site map page at Heart Disease Explained. http://www.heartdiseaseexplained(dot)com/


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