Treating Pimples With Coconut Oil And Other Natural Remedies

By Helen Hecker

coconuts and coconut oilLiving with pimples and acne can be very difficult, and even more difficult to find just the right treatment for you. The key to healthy, clear skin is to choose a skin care regimen that’s right for you based on the type of acne condition you have. Because I’m a registered nurse and have come in contact with many acne patients, I’ve learned a lot over the years about acne, acne scars, and acne treatments.

For most people, acne goes away by age 30, but people in their forties and fifties still suffer from acne. People of all races and ages have acne. Acne will affect almost every person at some stage of their life. Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders.

Scientists are trying to find the cause of acne and working on ways to prevent plugs. The cause of acne is unknown and there is still much to be learned. If you’ve heard that dirty skin causes acne, it doesn’t – it’s a myth.

Most commercial cleansers are harsh on the face and trying to find the right one for you could cost a fortune. Use only products that have natural ingredients or try to use fewer products to allow your skin to heal naturally. Try relaxation techniques to reduce stress, including meditation and yoga breathing exercises.

Coconut oil is very inexpensive; it’s a good, cheap, natural home remedy. Some natural home remedies include dabbing on non-gel toothpaste or lemon juice to dry out zits. Acne and its treatment is one of the most misunderstood topics there is when it comes to acne skin care.

Use baking soda on a test area carefully for exfoliation, if you feel you need it. You want to avoid squeezing, pinching, picking or popping your pimples because it can cause scars or leave dark spots on your skin. Besides acne, if you also have eczema or dry skin, coconut oil will treat those skin conditions too

No over-the-counter creams can help your acne from the inside out; they can only kill some of the bacteria on your face and help reduce the redness. Use papaya and the seeds for exfoliating. One treatment method some people have used is applying cornstarch, egg whites or milk of magnesia as a facial mask.

Any makeup you use should list on the label non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic. Since the latest research indicates a connection between stress and acne, make an effort to cut down on stress any way you can.

Some alternative doctors recommend eating a raw clove of garlic daily for acne; you can chop one up and add it to your daily salad! When you change your diet, your lesions should start getting better within a week or two, with significant improvement the first month. Essential fatty acids are particularly important to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema and acne.

To cure yourself of acne, you need to correct the problems going on inside of your body that are causing the acne. When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it’ll send the toxins out through your skin as well as other organs of elimination. Good clear skin is often a reflection of a good digestive system. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water, a minimum of a quart a day. Eating foods with essential fatty acids are particularly important to people with dry skin or acne.

Eat at least two organic apples a day while working to clear up your skin; apples are good for skin health – organic so you can eat pesticide-free skin (most of the apple pectin is in the skin), which helps with constipation. The two most common digestive concerns that affect your skin are not enough water and not enough fiber.

You should see the results of your cheap acne home treatment remedies, with improved skin, within just a few days. Naturally you can’t expect to get rid of your acne in just a few days; natural treatments take a little time to work; but if you’re persistent, you’ll get blemish-free skin and won’t experience any dangerous side effects that you find with commercial acne medicines. Don’t give up – try everything you can until you get relief from your pimples or acne.

About the Author:

For more information on natural treatments for acne and acne light therapy, go to Best-Skin-Solutions(dot)com Helen Hecker R.N.s website specializing in acne, pimples and skin disorders with tips, advice and resources for adults, teens, and babies, including information on acne scar treatments.


2 thoughts on “Treating Pimples With Coconut Oil And Other Natural Remedies”

  1. Milk of magnesia does offer some results as an acne cure. This substance may be employed as a topical anti acne solution and works well for people with oily skin. Milk of magnesia is primarily of alkaline nature. Applying this to your skin helps remove over the top oils from the skin surface. It must be observed that it is over the top sebum that is the root cause of acne. Thus, milk of magnesia deals with the first cause of acne and controls those breakouts. What’s more, milk of magnesia also has antibacterial properties and works as a disinfectant also. It helps destroy acne causing organisms known as P acne. It also forestalls the infection from extending to other areas on the face while also limiting it from further irritating the skin. The substance also helps fade minor scarring and reduces the appearance of acne scars and blemishes too.*

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    1. I recently heard about milk of magnesia being used as a facial mask, and even being worn under makeup to prevent shine on oily skin. I heard about this in a YT video by Wayne Goss, a makeup artist from the UK. Thank you, for posting more detailed information on the topic of milk of magnesia for acne and why it works!

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