A Guide To Detoxifying Herbs

By Jason Uvios
Oregon grape root
Oregon Grape Root

One of my friends run a popular health food store and according to him in the recent years there has been an incredible interest surrounding the detoxification through herbs. More interestingly, these herbs are increasingly being used in the treatment of cancer.

You can well explain these growing demands for herbal detox if you consider the toxic nature of the tumors that often lead to the development of cancer. This calls for purification of blood and liver and nothing can perform this task of cleansing more wonderfully than herbs.

Why herbal detox?

The herbal detoxifiers are great cleansers. This is evident from the fact that with an herbal detoxification program, you will start to see the result almost immediately. Following an herbal detox program you will experience an improved mental clarity in the very first day. An improved digestion and bowel movement will help you to feel more energetic and lighter. Some patients even reported to have reduction in pain.

Be consistent with the program
When you are undergoing an herbal detox, you should keep one point in mind. With herbal detox you will experience dramatic improvement in the early stage. But gradually the rate of improvement may slow down. In these phases some patients tend to be panicky and either start taking overdoses of herbs or just discontinue with the program in frustration.

Both are wrong approaches.
They should remember that herbal detox program is based on the ideal of ‘slow and steady’. A magical improvement may sound good, but in reality they are not long lasting. Instead you should allow your system to get accustomed to the changes, even if they are in positive direction. Otherwise the whole process may loss momentum after a certain time.

Consultation with an herbal practitioner
The health food stores are the best place to find out the detox herbal formulae. There are also a number of online stores to shop for your herbal detox program. But it will be wiser to consult an herbal practitioner before buying any product.

There is a serious reason behind this.
Most of the products sold by these stores have a common feature; these are all herbal alkaloid based products. You can find common dandelion roots to more uncommon and lesser known herbs of berberines group like barberry, oregon grape root, or goldenseal.

But the problem is; every patient has a specific capacity of assimilation of these herbs and this capacity varies with each patients. Individual patient will require different doses of herbs to treat the similar symptoms. That is why it is essential to consult an herbalist first if you want to get the best result from the detox herbs.

About the Author:

Jason Uvios writes about A Guide to Detoxifying Herbs to visit: lemon juice detox,detox diet fads and detoxification diets. (www.detoxdietstoday.info/– Site is written in Japanese.)


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