Help Prevent Cancer With Ionized Water

By Wendy Moyer

waterNot many people realize that our bodies are most healthy and effective when it is kept at a specific pH level. To further explain what this means, it is important that you understand that pH scales measure the acidity or alkalinity of a certain environment, such as the interior of the human body.

The food that you eat, the water you drink, and the incidence of pollution and stress in your day to day life have a lot to do with the pH level of your blood. If you consume specific types of foods, you will create an acidic environment within your body, which is far from desirable.

Studies have shown that certain foods cause cancer cells to thrive. Foods such as sugar, milk, red meat, and pork cause your body to create an acidic environment, which is ideal for cancer cells’ survival. Every person on this planet has cancer cells in his or her body, but these cells don’t show up in tests until they are extremely great in number-like a few billion cells.

When a person is healthy and has a strong immune system, the cells will be completely destroyed, unable to create tumors and cause problems. However, if a person is host to an acidic environment, then all of the body’s systems are fighting to re-balance the pH level, including the immune system. This give cancer cells the opportunity to take hold.

But what can you do? It’s virtually impossible to cut out all of the foods that can create an acidic environment in your body where cancer cells can thrive. Don’t worry – there is an answer. That answer is ionized water.

Ionized water is created by the use of a water ionizer, which puts your tap water through an electrolysis process that, simply put, alkalizes your water. By drinking alkaline ionized water, you are helping to balance out your body’s pH level. The alkaline water helps to bring your acidic pH level back to its safe, necessary, more alkaline level.

This alkaline water, while maintaining a desirable pH level in your body, keeps you safe from various diseases (such as cancer) that thrive in acidic environments. If something does happen, and you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, using alkaline water can help to keep the human body strong and healthy.

Those who have cancer may be advised to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, which destroy cancer cells but can also damage healthy cells within the body. Even the immune system can be compromised. By drinking ionized alkaline water, you can ensure that your immune system and body’s cells are able to recover from the damage that radiation can cause. Otherwise, they may be concentrating on balancing the body’s pH level instead.

While ionized water isn’t a miracle worker and won’t keep you living forever, it certainly helps you and your loved ones to live a more fulfilled, healthy life.

About the Author:

Wendy Moyer is an independent journalist. WaterIonizerAuthority(dot)com is a trusted resource that offers extensive information regarding water ionizers — further information can be found on the WaterIonizerAuthority(dot)com website.


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