Holistic Nutrition – Eating Well For Your Baby

By Jackie Lee

Vegetables and fruitCongratulations, you are pregnant! The next nine months are going to be an exciting time, not just for you but for your growing baby! Think of all the things a baby has to accomplish in only nine (ten) short months. They start as a single cell and then divide at an enormous rate. Their organs develop, the heart forms and starts beating and all five senses form.Basically your baby goes from a little blob that can’t be seen with the human eye into a seven, eight, nine or even ten pound adorable newborn baby. In order for your baby to develop as healthy as possible, your diet will play a big part. This is because your pregnancy diet is how your baby is going to receive all the vitamins, minerals, protein and fluids that he or she needs to grow and develop. The best thing you and any other pregnant mother can do for your growing baby is to eat as healthy as you possibly can, and include as much holistic nutrition as you can in your diet. Let us look at all the benefits eating well can do for your baby.

First, eating right is going to help your baby’s organ development. Your baby only has a short time to develop vital organs such as their heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. Eating a diet that lacks vitamin D or calcium can interfere with your baby’s bone and tooth growth.
Next eating too lightly through out pregnancy might stop your baby from growing as it should in your uterus. If you do not get enough quality nutrients as provided through holistic nutrition your body doesn’t have the necessary elements to support creating a human being. Eating too much, and the wrong kinds of foods can increase the chances of birth defects, as well as your chances of getting diabetes during pregnancy. Following a holistic nutrition diet can help you provide your body with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs.
Some research has been done that shows what you eat during pregnancy can affect your baby’s eating habits down the line. Babies can taste and get use to the flavors from food that makes its way into the amniotic fluid. It is quite possible that your baby will have a preference for certain foods before they even take that first spoonful of solids. By making sure your diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruit can help ensure that your baby will enjoy eating that went he time comes.
Also, as hard to believe as it is, some studies have shown that what you are eating can contribute to your baby’s personality. Research has shown that babies born to mothers who were under-nourished tend to smile less and are drowsier compared to those who at healthy. Also, studies have shown that moms who consumed enough omega-3 acids during their final trimester have babies who showed healthier sleep patterns than other babies.
Lastly, your baby’s brain needs you to eat healthy especially during the last trimester. Unlike the rest of your baby’s organs, the brain has its greatest growth spurt during the third trimester. This is the best time to eat protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. These ensure optimum brain development.
There has never been a more important time to eat healthy than pregnancy. Eating healthy while pregnant is the best gift you can give your child to be. Choosing to eat holistic nutrition and follow a whole food diet can help more than you imagine.

About the Author:

During pregnancy (http://naturalpregnancyproject(dot)com/holistic-nutrition-and-pregnancy/Holistic). Get started with a holistic nutrition diet (http://naturalpregnancyproject(dot)com/holistic-nutrition-and-pregnancy/Holistic), and give you baby the best start possible. These websites atre no longer online.


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