How To Cope After A Stroke

stroke therapyBy Warren Peters

A stroke can be very scary. You will find that it can cause some part of the brain to lose control over a certain part of the body or you may lose consciousness since your blood supply is interrupted. When you have a stroke you will feel a sudden loss of neuro function. There are many reasons why you might have a stroke and there are different parts of the brain and body that are affected. Patients who survive may be severely handicapped.

There are people who do not survive a stroke, and that is why it is important that you avoid the risk factors. Some factors that you can control are smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. You will also find that diabetes, heart trouble, and migraines with aura will put you at risk.

When it comes to strokes, you will find that it is also called a brain attack. This is because it effects the brain more than anything. You will notice that it is caused by the blood being cutoff somehow from the brain, causing oxygen deprivation.

It can be terrifying to deal with someone who is having a stroke. You shouldn’t panic, but you will want to call 9-1-1 immediately to help the person. You will want to ask the dispatcher what you can do to help them. They will give you some instructions and you will want to follow them exactly.

People who have had one stroke are at high risk of recurrence, yet risk factor management post stroke is poor. You will have to think about getting the person some medical attention after they are released from the hospital. Most people who have a stroke will need to look into home medical care.

You may need to have someone with them always. There are tons of reasons why you will want to get them a home nurse, but it should be because you need to give them a lot of attention and sometimes it is just better for you to have a medical experienced person.

There are some signs of stroke that you will want to pay attention to. There are lot of people who will have more after their first. Sometimes they may only have a mini stroke, and then there are times when people will take a full-blown stroke. There is always neuro damage, however, what you do to react to the signs may matter in life or death.

You can help prevent stroke in many cases by modifying your risk factors. Therapies to prevent stroke are based on treating underlying risk factors. It is clearly more beneficial to prevent than to treat.

Fruit and Veggies Prevent Stroke. Gentle, regular aerobic exercise can also help.

You should never take a stroke lightly. You will want to treat it like it is a heart attack. You will want to treat it like any other disorder. You will find that it can be just as deadly as any other medical condition, such as a heart disease.

The first year post stroke is a really tough year but know that things get better, maybe slowly but they get better. Another contributing factor to muscle atrophy post stroke is inactivity. Gentle exercise at least, is a must.

About the Author:

Warren is helping stroke victims to lead a more productive life. A unique and gentle approach to Stroke: Life After Stroke (sorry, this website appears to be offline now).


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