6 Step Nutrition For Your Kidneys

Woman eating healthy mealBy Wade Meredith

Food is plentiful in our country. It is estimated that there is enough food for every person in the USA to eat more than 4,000 calories every day. For most people, that is more than twice the calories needed.

Being overweight can increase blood pressure and inflammation, both of which are harmful to the kidneys. Many studies have shown that “dieting” is not a long-term solution to weight loss. Making lifelong changes in eating patterns and physical activity levels is the only proven way to maintain a healthy weight.

When I work with my clients on weight loss, I often compare calories to dollars. Most people can relate to the concept of overspending and going into debt. If you eat without paying attention, you will go into caloric debt. Below are some tips to help promote mindful eating.

-Eat nourishing foods at regular intervals. Many people wait too long to eat, get overly hungry and overeat. Skipping meals almost never promotes weight loss because people usually overcompensate later in the day.

-Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Check in with yourself throughout the day to become aware of your hunger. Many people get so busy during the day that they forget to eat. Use the hunger scale provided to help identify your hunger cues and when to eat.

-Eat without distraction. It is easy to overeat if you are doing other things while eating. Give yourself at least 15-About the Author:20 minutes to do nothing else but eat. Take a moment to appreciate the food and think about how it will nourish your body.

-Be aware of portion sizes. Eat on a salad plate to keep portion sizes down. Food manufacturer tempt people to buy large portions because food is so plentiful. For most people, a portion the size of two cupped hands is enough. It is easier to eat small portions if you eat at regular intervals and are mindful of the hunger scale.

-Pay attention to calories. Not paying attention to calories is like never asking the price for what you buy. There are many hidden sources of calories such as in beverages, condiments and snack foods. Make sure you also look at the serving size on the label.

-Think about where your food comes from. Food that is produced locally usually tastes betteAbout the Author:r, is more satisfying and requires fewer natural resources.

Consider visiting your local farmers market and get to know who grows and makes your food.

About the Author:

The PKD Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and improving the treatment of those it affects. Improve your diet with The PKD Foundations cookbook: Brilliant Eats. 100% of the proceeds go to charity.


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