Is Fitness the Best Way to Prevent and Fight Cancer?

Young Couple Jogging at the BeachNowadays it seems that regardless of how healthy someone is, there is always a risk of developing cancer. While there are ways to reduce the likelihood, there is no surefire means of preventing it. However, studies have shown that there are a few ways to significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. In particular, fitness has been linked to a reduction in likelihood of developing cancer and better outcomes for those who have been diagnosed. Here are a few interesting facts you should know.

Cancer Prevention

While even the fittest people are at risk of developing cancer, those who exercise regularly reduce their odds significantly. Part of the explanation for this correlation has to do with obesity; obesity has been linked to an increase in the development of breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other forms of cancer. Those who can lose extra weight stand to reduce their likelihood of developing cancer. However, losing weight is only one of the connections between fitness and cancer prevention. Don’t forget the respiratory benefits, emotional boosts and circulation improvement that exercising has on the body too.

Stay Strong During Treatment

In some cases, the most difficult part of dealing with cancer is dealing with the treatments. Chemotherapy is literally a poison, and it works by attacking cells that multiply quickly. Energy levels tend to drop significantly during chemotherapy, but those who are physically fit will retain higher levels of endurance. In addition, physically fit people will likely have better overall mental health, which can make the treatment process easier to handle. Chemotherapy will be difficult for even the fittest of people, but fitness can help ease the pain a bit.

Restoring Health After Treatment is Completed

The pain of chemotherapy goes beyond treatment, and people often take months before they feel like themselves again. Here, physical fitness can help tremendously, and those who have finished a chemotherapy regimen can help themselves by beginning an exercise program as quickly as possible. It will take some time to recover lost strength and endurance, so people are encouraged to take their time and be patient. However, consistent exercise will lead to positive results, and people who have dealt with chemotherapy will find themselves improving with every workout session. No matter what your battle may be, whether it is melanoma all the way to mesothelioma, taking extra steps to improve your physical and mental health will go a long way.

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