Childhood Obesity – The Terrible Outlook for The Future

dv2014008By Iva Lappi

Not all that long ago that obesity with all of the complications were the domain of grown-ups. Over the last few decades things in the US have definitely deteriorated. Not only are there more obese adults than ever, the affliction is affecting teens and kids at younger and younger ages. For kids the most influential people are their parents but standard awareness and education are also vital. It is, however, the parents who must offer guidance and act as positive role models.

Obese kids are staring down the barrel of a plethora of physical and behavioral health problems. Beyond that, there are a lot of dangerous risks that will have both the means and the opportunity to develop into real problems later on in life. For kids, this is an awful one-two punch that is almost impossible to beat back and get over. This growing trend has been studied by researchers and professionals for over thirty years. Young kids, pre-teens and even teenagers have been slowly and surely gaining more weight and there are severe health consequences to this.

Lots of research and studies have been performed in the last thirty years. One thing we know without a doubt is that obesity that happens during the younger years is a major risk factor in terrible health problems that happen in the later years. The most important thing parents need to realize is that there is quite a lot more to this particular story. Clinically obese and overweight children will experience the effects of their condition long before adulthood arrives. Obesity in children has been getting press coverage for ages. In the US it has reached epidemic proportions but the press coverage has still had little effect on it.

We all generally know what the causes are, but we are not here to discuss that or assign blame. In a child’s later years this obesity or even just being overweight can have major health risks that can even be life-threatening. A noticeable percentage of an entire generation is suffering physically and also in psychological areas. It is hard enough to be a teen without having to endure being bullied about weight by others as well. We shall have a deeper look at what may be facing an obese child today.

Time is an integral element to the nature of most weight-related health conditions. This means that it can take quite a lot of time for the major symptoms to start surfacing. However, the stage is certainly set and processes are put into motion during the early years when a child is obese. Still, kids typically don’t suffer from as many medical issues as obese adults do – their youth protects them somewhat. Still though, this particular condition really does feed into problems and complications that will show up later in life. Some of the more severe consequences include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and liver disease.

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