Exercising with a Workout Buddy

workout-partnerBy Eliza Anderson

Starting an exercising routine by yourself can be a daunting task. Many of us live very busy lives where finding the time and desire to work out can be very challenging. Some days we feel that we have too much going on to squeeze in a workout, and other days we are just not in the mood for exercise. One great way to help you get past these obstacles is by finding yourself a workout buddy.

First find a friend who, like you, is interested in beginning a daily exercise program. Then find a place for you to exercise such as a local gym. Also pick a time that you can both take time to exercise each and every day. Stay consistent with your time and exercise at the same time every day in order to help you make exercising habitual. After you have found a workout buddy, joined a gym, and picked a time to exercise, you are ready to begin!

The benefits of exercising with a friend are countless. Perhaps the most important advantage is that you will have someone to push you to exercise when you aren’t in the mood. It will also make you less likely to skip or change the time of your exercise because you made a commitment to another person to be there every day at a certain time. This will help you stick with you exercise program and lessen the chances of you giving up or quitting. Hopefully you can also have the same effect on your partner.

Another benefit is in the actual exercises that you can do. There are some exercises that require two people that you would not be able to complete on your own such as throwing a weighted medicine ball back and forth or doing partner resistance band runs. Having an exercise buddy increases the range of exercises that you can complete which can make your workouts more effective and diverse. Also, during your exercise, you may choose to do weight training or weight lifting. In order to weight lift, most lifts require a spotter to make sure that the lifter stays safe and doesn’t accidentally injure themselves. When you go to the gym with a buddy, you don’t have to worry about finding a spotter because you’ve already got one.

In summary, there are many benefits to exercising with a workout buddy that make finding an exercise partner a great option for those beginning workout routines.

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2 thoughts on “Exercising with a Workout Buddy”

    1. I believe most folks understand that they cannot workout with someone else unless they can do so at the same time.
      I’m wondering if you actually read the post. If you did, you completely missed “…pick a time that you can both take time to exercise each and every day.” This is the third sentence of the second paragraph.

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