Winter Care With Ayurveda

winter-skincareBy Chris Clark

Winter is a season in which our skin undergoes so many changes dues some undesirable climatic conditions. Contrary to this belief, Ayurveda suggests this as the best time to enhance the skin as well as immune system.

Here below swami Ramdev have suggested what kind of diet is to being taken to cope up such weather condition.

People with kapha dosha constituents

People with Kapha dosha type have soft as well as radiant skin type. These people have restricted blood circulation in the body. These types of skins tend to get rough and dry during this winter season.

Diet tips for kapha type dosha – One should always try to follow the food habits that are helpful in maintaining the harmony in the body. People with kapha dosha prominence are suggested to consume food like Soya, Soya cottage cheese, missi roti etc. These all foods can be used in the form of porridge and other products mixed with vegetables.

Skin care advice – People with kapha skin should use scrub made out of apricot, moong dal. They are also advised to apply banana peel face mask. Such type of people is also advised to undergo panchkarma treatment to maintain their body strength.

People with Pitta dosha constituents

People with pitta dosha have skin that is bit sensitive and oily in texture. These easily break out into rashes and develop moles as well as freckles. Winters season is the most suitable climatic condition for them. Such type of people should avoid long durations in front of heaters and heated conditions.

Diet tips for pitta type people – such a type of people are advised to consume overnight socked almonds every morning along with divya triphala powder. Consume green vegetables and avoid heavy and fried foods.

Skin care advice – People having pitta as their prominent dosha should use aloe vera gel mixed with almonds oil as face mask daily. Body massages with olive oils are recommended.

People with Vata dosha constituents

Vata type skin is most susceptible to the changes of this climatic condition. There are lots of skin damages if the skin is not taken care of properly.

Dietary recommendations – Vata type skin people should consume porridge and oats that includes dry fruits. Thick vegetable soups and hot milk are also recommended. Saffron milk is also recommended.

Skin recommendation – oil is recommended for such people in cold climatic conditions. Cream based on coconut along with banana peel face mask is recommended.

About the Author:

Ayurveda promotes good health for both mind and body.  Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of holistic treatment found in India. For more Ayurvedic tips by swami Ramdev visit Ramdevmedicine(dot)com


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