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Alternative Acne Treatments That Work

Girl pressing on pimple

Most people will struggle with acne, at some point in their life. If they are wise, they will avoid drugs of last resort, such as antibiotics, to treat the condition. Recent studies indicate that the use of antibiotics to treat this epidermal disease may be leading to a drug-resistant “superbug” disaster. Researchers have already determined that prescribing antibiotics, like Tetracycline, to treat acne increases a patient’s risk of contracting MRSA. On the other hand, alternative acne treatments, which take a more holistic approach – naturally treating the acne sufferer inside and out, may be the key to safely ridding oneself of acne for good. …This article has been updated and transferred the new Holistic Health & Living Blog.





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  2. Name at least one herb that should be avoided by pregnant women?
  3. Which vitamin is also known to protect and increase collagen production in the skin?

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Herbal Skin Care Products – Do They Work?

By Mike Singh

zia cosmeticsThe cosmetics counter at your local department store probably stores several different types of herbal skin care products. These herbal products promise to do wonders for your body, depending on what you use, how you use it, as well as your body’s current condition. What should you look for in the herbal products that you purchase? Here are a couple of products that are highly recommended even by some dermatologists.

Cetaphil Cleanser: This is a product made up of natural oils that will help to clean your skin without the harmful reactions and conditions from chemical soaps. The ingredients are pure and your body’s natural oils will not be removed. So, your skin will not get dried out.

Face Toner: This product is designed to hydrate the skin. It has the Sea Buckthorn compound in it which helps to rejuvenate the skin cells. Also, there is Dead Sea Salt in the compound as well. This gives it an extra feature. It can not only wipe away the dull look of a winter face but it works as an anti aging product as well.

Zia Natural Skincare, Gel: This product gets good reviews from users. But, it is recommended for those with an oily skin. It is a lightweight substance that has minimal oil in it. It will hold moisture in your skin without adding to the oils that you are already battling. It contains gotu kola, horsetail extract as well as algae. Its ability to balance the skin and to soothe it from blemishes is excellent.

In order for any herbal skin care product to work, it needs to contain 100% natural products. Natural products work well in your body simply because your body is a lot more accepting of these rather than chemical products. But, with all of the many benefits available to you in herbal skin care products, your search for quality skin care is over.

About the Author:

Mike Singh is the publisher of http://www.stopping-acne-now(dot)com/ On his website he provides articles about types of acne and get rid of acne scars.

Milk and Lime as Natural Treatments for Acne

Acne check cartoonDo you know how to treat your pimple outbreaks? Finding a remedy for your acne problems is not as hard as you might think. The key to pimple treatment is finding an acne natural cure that works for your particular type of acne outbreak.

You just need a bit of patience and experimentation to have a clear and healthy complexion. Find out about some treatments for stubborn skin problems that you can use at home.

One type of acne natural cure that treats blackheads is a wash of milk and lime. Get some fresh milk and bring it gently to a boil. Add the juice from a single lime, and gently wash your face. Make sure that the water is cool enough to avoid doing any damage to your skin.

You can also try to use a natural astringent for deep cleaning of your pores. All you need is a leafy mango from your local grocery store. Boil it in some water and after it cools, rub it gently on your face. If your acne trouble is not too severe, you can just leave the mango to soak overnight. This is an acne natural cure that will thoroughly cleanse your pores.

Some of the natural foods we eat are also effective forms of acne natural cure. If you are suffering from whiteheads, you should try a raw potato. The vitamin C in the potato gives your skin a healthy glow, and its alkaline clears the bacteria in your face.

It also has an acid that scrubs away dead or dying skin cells on your face, making it an ideal acne natural cure. You can also use a raw papaya fruit to treat the pimples on your face. These treatments also help your skin to stay healthy by preventing the spread of any infection.

You can also find that your skin becomes a little dry after trying an acne natural cure. You can re-hydrate your skin by using almond oil. Buy a bag of almonds, and grind four or five good sized nuts with water. Spread the paste on your face, but do not scrub.

It will smooth and add some moisture to your face. Curds and buttermilk are also effective for skin dryness. If you are not satisfied with the results of over the counter medication, then you should try an acne natural cure. Take your time to find the best treatment that will help you have a clear and healthy skin.

Natural Cosmetics

By Alison Cole
Woman applying makeupWhat is natural and organic should be better, right? For the most part it should, but as many skin care users are discovering, the use of terms like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is more than skin deep.Experts believe that while awareness about the adverse effects of synthetic skinproducts is growing, the cosmetics industry is cashing in on the trend to advertise their products as natural, when in fact they may not be. Should we be worried? Yes, because makeup, though applied on the outside soaks into the skin and is absorbed by the body in varying degrees. In fact, research has demonstrated that close to 60% of what is applied on the skin could be absorbed into the circulatory system.So what comes out of that foundation jar may actually be toxic. Some natural ingredients have been reported to cause skin rashes that develop when in contact with these products. These include jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coconut oil and in some cases even vitamin E. Experts advice to users is simple – read the label carefully, cut through the promotional hype of the department store, check for short and long-term effects and make an informed choice. Manufacturers are legally bound to mention ingredients on the label in descending order of the quantity used in the product. With the US Department of Agriculturehaving decreed that products that are labeled organic should contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients, a vigilant user need only check the label.All said and done, natural cosmetics that are relatively free of synthetic extracts and are derived naturally from plant oils, wax, essential oils, flower extracts, spices and n are a safer and healthier choice. There’s also a wide range of products available in natural options like scrubs, moisturizers, exfoliating agents, massage oils and mouthwashes. While natural astringents made from white vinegar and rose water or creams with olive oil, chamomile and beeswax, lotions with cocoa butter and aloe vera will help you glow if made naturally, consumers will do well to read the fine print. Dermatologists advise that skincare be seen as health care, thus not only aesthetically pleasing but necessary to health.

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Vitamin C Creams

By Josh Riverside

Jar of creamVitamin C is a well-known antioxidant which protects the skin from UV radiation damage. It can actually reverse some of the damaging effects of the disease. Excessive exposure to the sun and UV radiation causes photo aging (“age spots” caused by the sun), which causes oxidative damage in skin cells. This is characterized by wrinkles, laxity, irregular coloring and appearance of brown spots, and a leathery quality.

Research studies have shown that presence of Vitamin C in tissues reduces this damaging effect on skin. In addition to being an antioxidant, it is also well known for collagen production. Collagen also enhances skin resilience, working as an anti-wrinkling agent for the skin. Vitamin C Creams have been an excellent antidote against skin damage. Essentially, Vitamin C reverses some of the cumulative skin damage from sun exposure. Some of the Vitamin C Creams can also be used as an aid to sunscreen protection. The chemical in this vitamin transforms itself under UV light exposure, creating an anti-inflammatory reaction, thereby reducing sunburn. In addition, since it gets absorbed in the skin, it is washed off by water or perspiration.

As a word of caution, using too much Vitamin C Cream can cause irritation. Always test a small area on your skin before you buy a product in the store. Ideally, try to use high-quality, natural and hypoallergenic products, and keep yourself restricted to the dosage recommendations.

Regular usage of Vitamin C Cream can actually slow down the aging process of your skin and retain your juvenile look for more years!

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Winter Skin Care for Youthful Looking Skin

three women without makeupCold, dry air and frost-bite winds can wreak havoc on your skin, at any age. What are some natural, low cost methods for protecting and even improving your skin’s condition? Read on.

In this day and age, when so much more is known about how the skin works, it’s good to know that one can care for skin with or without the latest store bought preparations. There are more than a few “pure” skin care items that come straight from nature, no mixing required. There are also herbal tea combinations that can purify the body and skin, leaving your skin clearer, smoother, and firmer than ever.

Since beauty starts on the inside and radiates outward, we will start with an internal skin care regimen and work toward the external.

Part One: Internal Skin Care

Daily supplementation should include:

  • 1,000mg Vitamin C, three times a day, for collagen formation and retention
  • At least 10,000 IU Beta Carotene (which safely turns into Vitamin A in the body), as it is essential for healthy skin.
  • 1,000 IU Vitamin D for enhancing absorption of Vitamins A and C, and proper neuromuscular function
  • 2mg Copper for strengthening collagen and holding muscle tissue together, meaning smoother, firmer skin.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids, in the form of fish, flaxseed, borage and evening primrose oils. Essential in cell maintenance and aid in the transport of nutrients to the cells.
  • Acidophilus for aiding in digestion, which helps clear the body of waste products.

Use the following recipe to hasten waste from the body, without breaking out the skin. Will firm, smooth and make skin radiant. This tea should be consumed at least three times a week:

Ingredients per 6-8oz. Cup of boiling hot water:

1 tsp. Schisandra Berries, whole or c/s.
1 tsp. Chrysanthemum (Chinese variety only)
1/2 tsp. White Peony Root
Steep at least 10 minutes, but the longer the better. You can multiply the recipe and make a large pot and store for future reheating and drinking.*Do not reheat in a microwave!

Part Two: External Skin Care

External Skin Care for the 100% Natural Types:

There are two fruit oils that will work for everyone in the cold dry months ahead, whether they suffer from very dry or very oily skin, grape seed and apricot kernel.

Grapeseed Oil is great for all skin types, but especially for oily skin, because it is slightly astringent and won’t clog pores, unless used in excess.
Apricot Kernel Oil is also good for all skin types, but especially prematurely aged, sensitive, inflamed and dry skin types.

Both are very high in antioxidants, but apricot kernel possesses natural preservative abilities that are almost unrivaled by any other fruit oil.

The key to effective use, of course, is application. This hold especially true for those who have oily skin. Your skin may be a good deal drier in Winter, but you should still be careful not to overdue.

In freshly washed hands, add a few drops of the chosen oil to your palms, rub together until your entire palm is lightly coated, then gently press against your freshly washed face until you have applied the oil all over. If your skin still feels dry, wait 5-10 minutes; if the feeling remains, repeat the process.

You say you want to be a natural beauty, but not on such a bare bones scale? There are many terrific herb and fruit oil based products on the market today, with binding ingredients that won’t make you cringe.

For oily skin, there is Kata Ayurvedic Clove Cream for Oily Skin and Derma e’s Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Moisturizing Gel. For dry skin, there’s Self-Heal Flower Essence Skin Cream Day Face Cream for Mature Skin. Of course, there are many more “natural” skin care products on the market, but these three have superb ingredients and have been proven effective for the aforementioned skin types.

If you have “extra” skin problems, such as those that come with aging, there are effective “natural” products for that as well. Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream has been around for decades, with good reason — it’s effective. But your face and neck are not the only parts of your body you need worry about when cold weather hits.

Hand and Foot care

Rough hands and feet can give away your age just as easily as your face and neck, so don’t neglect them!

For dry, cracked skin Shikai has great products: Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Hand Cream Borage Dry Skin Therapy Foot Cream Herbal Skin Crack Cream, which can be used anywhere you have a skin crack.

The cure to dry Winter skin is varied and quite effective. There are many natural means to achieving softer, smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin, and some are 100% natural… Others are not. The skin beautifying tea recipe is effective throughout the year, as are most of the products listed, but Winter makes skin care a bit more challenging. Just know that you can rise to the occasion without the use of petroleum products.